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The golden rules of vacuum technology Best practices for rotary vane pumps – maximize performance and pump life time Minimize internal condensation ■ Let the pump warm-up for 30 minutes period before use, with closed/isolated inlet. Avoid accumulation of chemicals inside the pump ■ Gas ballast helps to purge condensable vapors. Keep the pump environment clean ■ Ensure good pumping speed and vacuum performance Inlet cold trap protects the pump from chemicals. Keep the pump clean ■ Let the pump run 30 minutes post-operation after each use, with open gas ballast and closed/isolated inlet. Protect the pump mechanics by preventing particle aspiration Oil mist filter for recovery of excessive oil from the pump exhaust. Short connections with sufficient line cross-section and leak-tight small flange connections. Choose suitable tubing material. Never block the pumps‘ outlet ■ Keep the pump exhaust free. Take good care of the pump ■ Regular oil check and oil changes. Regular maintenance. Choose suitable tubing material. VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG | Alfred-Zippe-Straße 4 | 97877 Wertheim | Germany T +49 9342 808-5550 | |

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