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FLUID ASPIRATION SYSTEMS BVC basic, BVC control, BVC professional

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FLUID ASPIRATION SYSTEMS BVC - the compact BioChem-VacuuCenter offers the perfect solution for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration of supernatants or filtration in all application areas. The BVC basic is intended for connection to an external vacuum source. The BVC control and the BVC professional are equipped with a high performance, chemically resistant diaphragm pump. The vacuum level and thus the suction force at the hand control can be sensitively adjusted via a touch panel. In addition, the BVC professional features are a non-contact liquid level sensor and self-closing quick...

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BVC - 3

Patented, fully autoclavable, ergonomic hand set Complimentary range of accessories including table stand, tip ejector and BVC shuttle or adapter for eight pipette tips Quick-couplings PVDF - autoclavable, high chemical resistance (Standard only integrated with the BVC professional, available as an accessory for other variants) Version with glass bottle - for aggressive media, smaller quantities and quick autoclave Non-contact liquid level sensor (only BVC professional) - wearfree, simple bottle exchange

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BVC - 4

BVC basic ♦ mechanical vacuum regulator to provide optimum working vacuum and minimize the vapor load on the vacuum network ♦ designed for connection to an existing external vacuum source, electricity-free operation ♦ autoclavable collection bottle designed to reduce aerosol and foam formation; autoclavable quick-couplings available as accessory ♦ aspiration hand set VacuuHandControl (VHCpro) with flow-through suction tube - no contamination of handle by aspirated media ♦ hydrophobic 0.2 micron sterilizable filter - contamination risks for the vacuum pumping system are greatly reduced BVC...

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BVC - 5

BVC basic Dimensions (L x W x H), approx. mm 250 x 200 x 490 Collection flask 4l PP 2l glass Collection flask 4l PP 2l glass Other country-specific versions are available on our website As part of the implementation process of our new ERP system in 2018 our catalog numbers are extended to 8 digits in length by adding the digits "2" or "20" to the beginning of the old catalog numbers.

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BVC - 6

ACCESSORIES Patented, ergonomic aspiration hand set with tip holder and adapter to accept a variety of common pipettes and tips. Level for manual suction control, rotary knob for permanent aspiration. With 2.5 m tubing. VacuuHandControl VHCpro The stainless steel stand for the VHCpro enables to place the tipped suction handset conveniently and stable during work with cell cultures. Table stand for VHCpro Table stand for VHCpro Spare tubing for VHC / VHCpro Silicone tubing (minimum order quantity 2m). Spare tubing for VHC / VHCpro This adapter is designed for pipette tips 2 - 200 µl and has...

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BVC - 7

Hydrophobic 0.2 µm protection filter, to protect pump system and work environment. Autoclavable up to 20 times. Quick coupling made of PVDF, with adapter to connect a VHC / VHCpro to a collection bottle, very good chemical resistance, complete with inlet tube for minimized foam and aerosol formation, autoclavable. Quick coupling VHC / VHCpro - bottle 2l collection bottle made of borosilicate glass Adapter for 2l glass bottle Holder for 2 liter glass bottle for BVC control or BVC professional (included in BVC control G and BVC professional G). Adapter for 2l glass bottle 4l collection bottle...

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