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© vacuubrand gmbh + co kg 995531 Printed in Germany EN / 06 / 2015 Vacuum for PROcESS INDUSTRy. Our technical literature is only intended to inform our customers. The validity of general empirical values and results obtained under test conditions for specific applications depends upon a number of factors beyond our control. It is, therefore, strictly the users responsibility to verify carefully the validity of values and suitability of products for their specific requirements. No claims arising from the information provided in this catalog will consequently be entertained. Technical data are subject to change without notice.

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 2

Gauge head integrated Small flange KF DN 16 Ultimate vacuum (abs.) with gas ballast Upper measuring limit ATEX conformity Inlet connection Outlet connection Mains voltage and frequency 400 V/50–60 Hz, Phone Fax Sales Service Lower measuring limit Ultimate vacuum (abs.) with gas ballast Max. pumping speed (1/2/3 pump modules) Rated motor power/pump module VAC 24seven pump module #70mbar Ultimate vacuum (abs.) Ambient temperature range (operation) Ambient humidity range (operation) Weight/pump module Weight/control module VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 3

Vacuum for PROcESS INDUSTRy. Process Vacuum Solutions

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 6

VACUUBRAND. The company. Our products are characterized by more than 50 years of experience in vacuum technology. With over 200 employees worldwide, VACUUBRAND produces a comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, instrumentation, gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum. In 1961 we began to produce products under the trademark VACUUBRAND. Since then, Wertheim in Baden-Württemberg remains the only production site for our wide variety of products and stands for the high level of quality associated with „Made in Germany“. VACUUBRAND has a high level of vertical integration and remarkable...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 9

QUALITY. proven TECHNOLOGy. Meeting the highest quality requirements, fulfilling maximum customer satisfaction through sustainable innovation, reliability and individuality are our guiding principles. Taking good care of our customer needs and securing a sustainable future for them through innovation, has always been at the bedrock of VACUUBRAND‘s core competence throughout our company‘s long history. As with all new pump developments, they are subject to extensive endurance tests before finally being approved for series production. Each vacuum pump which leaves our production goes through...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 10

A WORLWIDE BRAND. from wertheim. The brand VACUUBRAND is known throughout the world. Sales offices in Europe, the US, China and India underpin our drive to provide the best possible support to our local customers. As a traditional family owned business, VACUUBRAND seeks to develop and manufacture innovative products in Germany. For decades we have pioneered new technologies for vacuum applications in the lab, kilo lab, science and production. VARIO® control and chemically resistant diaphragm pumps are just two such examples of developments “Made in Wertheim”. Many of our inventions...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 13

Oil-free VACUUM. GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Environmentally conscious production and efficient products, careful use of precious resources and responsibility for the future is the philosophy which characterizes our environmentally friendly vacuum technology. In addition to our in-house environmental management program, our aim is to develop products which meet high environmental standards. In simple terms, our products are „green“! Our objective throughout the design stages through to production and finally the product lifecycle is to as far as possible consume fewer resources. This also contributes...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 14

chemicalLY resistant 100 % oil-free modular precise control Energy saving No downtime The concept. From lab to process, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, uncompromised chemical resistance, free from oil and water, demand oriented pump configuration, integrated vacuum control, uninterrupted operation, clean and green. In addition to our proven chemistry diaphragm vacuum pumps we have added a new VAC 24seven series, which is now available for pilot and industrial scale applications. The proven reliability of our individual pumps has been combined to produce a powerful modular process...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 17

chemicalLY resistant 100 % oil-free Modular Precise control Energy saving no downtime CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY. Universal resistance from VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps, consistent operation from use of fluoropolymers and perfluoroelastomers, extremely long service life through globally unique stability core design, dry and 100 % oil-free technology Diaphragm pumps are oil-free and therefore do not consume water and oil, nor do they generate waste oil either. With diaphragm technology, the pump chamber is completely hermetically sealed from the drive mechanism. The technology behind the...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 18

chemicalLY resistant 100 % oil-free modular precise control Energy saving no downtime modularity. Application-specific pump modules (70 mbar and 5 mbar) with combined central control unit and integrated vacuum regulator. The VAC 24seven product line is a modular system. Depending on requirements, up to three pump modules can be simply and economically combined with a single control module. This new combination option brings the outstanding properties of VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps from the laboratory into the process environment. At the heart of every pump modul are two individual...

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 19

cONTROL MODULe for controlling the pump modules

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Vacuum for Process Industry - 21

chemicalLY resistant 100 % oil-free modular precise control Energy saving no downtime ENERGY SAVING, Precise control. On demand VARIO® control incorporating highly efficient permanent magnet motors, more than 90 % energy saving, chemically resistant precise vacuum sensors, analog and digital interfaces. The vacuum control of the VAC 24seven product line is provided by the CVC 3000 controller. With its robust, chemically resistant capacitive ceramic diaphragm sensor, this provides excellent measurement and control accuracy for industrial applications. In addition to the large visual display...

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