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Vacuum filtration is frequently used for sample preparation in microbiology, waste water control and analysis. With a final vacuum of 100 mbar, 90% of atmospheric pressure is doing the work of forcing the media through the filter. For aqueous filtration, the ME 1 is the optimal choice; however, for more aggressive solvents, the ME 1C with its superior chemical resistance properties is the right solution. 100 mbar ultimate vacuum (abs.) ■■ small, robust, reliable ■■ easy to use ■■ contamination-free pumping and evacuation ■■ outstanding chemical resistance (ME 1C) ■■ exceptionally long...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu Tired of waiting for filtration? Let us help you speed it up. Vacuum pumps ME 1 and ME 1C Filtration is probably the most common application for vacuum in the laboratory. The new diaphragm pumps ME 1 and ME 1C offer a compact and high performance solution. With their easyto-use functionality, they are perfect for both single and multiple filtrations. The ME 1C also offers outstanding chemical resistance.

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Vacuum requirements for rotary evaporators can vary greatly depending upon the solvent mixtures and evaporating temperature. This is the reason why modern vacuum systems include a built-in vacuum controller to help you to achieve the optimum evaporation rates. This significantly shortens the process time, is energy efficient, and minimizes the environmental impact. The new „pro“ version with improved pumping speed extends the application spectrum for programmed vacuum processes (via CVC 3000 operating and programming mode or RS232C). PERFORMANCE FEATURES PC 3001 VARIOpro ■■ intuitive CVC...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu No more boiling over. PC 3001 VARIOpro The PC 3001 VARIOpro is the ultimate laboratory vacuum solution for working with many high-boiling solvents (e.g., rotary evaporation). Without the need for programming or constant monitoring, the automatic, single-point vacuum control prevents boiling retardation and foaming whilst reducing process times and increasing process safety.

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Vacuum drying chambers are often used for handling very sensitive substances when it is necessary to guarantee excellent residual drying. They typically need a very good ultimate vacuum depending upon the degree of drying needed, the maximum acceptable temperature and solvents used. In certain process conditions, large quantities of vapours may also require pump systems that offer a sufficiently high flow rate. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Pc 3003 VARIO ■■ max. pumping speed 2.8 m³/h, ultimate vacuum 0.6 mbar ■■ CVC 3000 vacuum controller with intuitive clear text menus (14 languages), ceramic...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu There‘s no gentler drying system. PC 3003 VARIO The VARIO® diaphragm pumps and pumping units (e.g., PC 3003 VARIO) provide the optimal conditions for drying applications. The integrated, intuitive CVC 3000 vacuum controller adapts VARIO® system vacuum automatically, with hysteresis-free, single point accuracy

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The freeze drying process requires vacuum systems with a final vacuum of up to 10-3 mbar. The ideal solution is a two-stage rotary vane pump (different pumping speeds are available) or the special RC 6 chemistry-HYBRID™ pump. The latter pumping unit is a combination of a rotary vane pump and a chemistry diaphragm pump. The constant vacuum on the oil-chamber provided by the diaphragm pump prevents vapour condensation in the pump oil, reducing oil changes by up to 90% while the diaphragm pump remains unaffected by the chemical vapours. ■■ max. pumping speed 5.9 m³/h, ultimate vacuum 2 x 10-3...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu The perfect team for cold conditions. Chemistry-HYBRID™pump RC 6 The perfect partner for your Freeze dryer. The RC 6 is a corrosion-reducing combination of a two-stage rotary vane pump and a chemistry diaphragm pump. It offers outstanding suction power, vastly reduced service needs, and much less waste oil accumulation.

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Vacuum concentration makes many demands on the supporting vacuum system, both in terms of the ultimate vacuum and in the selection of accessories. Apart from a good chemical resistance, a high vapour tolerance is also desirable. Solvent vapour can be recovered via an emission condenser at the outlet of the pump. ■■ max. pumping speed 1.3 m³/h, ultimate vacuum 2 mbar ■■ outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapour tolerance ■■ exceptionally high performance even at low vacuum ■■ excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast ■■ whisper-quiet and ultra-low-vibration operation ■■...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu Carefree spinning with your vacuum concentrator. Chemistry diaphragm pump MD 1C Samples are concentrated without foaming and clumping by the simultaneous action of vacuum and centrifugal energy. The MD 1C pump is the compact, powerful heart of a complete family of reliable chemistry pumping units. It is the perfect partner for vacuum supply for vacuum concentration.

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In molecular-biology, biochemical and cell cultural laboratories, media aspiration is a routine task. The sample preparation is frequently complex or in very small quantities. Therefore, it is important for the media to be removed as completely as possible without the risk of damaging the sample. The professional BioChem-VacuuCenter are designed precisely to facilitate this work with increased process safety. PERFORMANCE FEATURES bvc professional ■■ powerful chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump with a very long service life even when working with aggressive disinfectants ■■ sensitive...

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at formation Further in u www.vacu Precise and Sensitive. New fluid aspiration systems BVC basic, BVC control and BVC professional Precise aspiration of even the smallest microlitre volumes with optimal control and comfort (by touch panel) for professional work and a perfect solution for required safety protocols. Simple connection facility for a second hand control offering dual user operation. The powerful chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump with a very long service life even when working with aggressive disinfectants.

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