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SIMPLY UNDER CONTROL VACUU·SELECT® - THE NEW VACUUM CONTROLLER Looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use vacuum controller? VACUUBRAND has introduced the VACUU·SELECT controller - an application-based controller with state-of-the-art touch screen display for all your vacuum processes. VACUU·SELECT has you covered. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run fully automated distillations or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. VACUU·SELECT comes with predefined applications for all common tasks in the lab. The controller takes care of all vacuum processes for...

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SIMPLY EFFICIENT    intuitive user interface    pre-defined procedures for individual applications    easy drag-and-drop editing for creating new procedures    fully automatic evaporations at the touch of a button    integrated contextual help    choose from 14 languages    for all chemical and life science processes    all wetted parts made from chemical resistant materials    touch screen display can be operated even with safety gloves    installation flexibilty: put the control panel where you need it    ready for modern laboratory networks A SOLUTION THAT ALWAYS WORKS    as part of...

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SIMPLY EFFICIENT Intuitive user interface Using the VACUU·SELECT controller is just like using a smartphone. Interactive menus designed specifically for lab applications get you up and running in no time.    application-based navigation    integrated contextual help function with application-specific tips    choose from 14 languages Ready to use vacuum procedures for all common applications VACUU·SELECT includes predefined vacuum procedures for all common lab applications. The process steps and control parameters can easily be adjusted to suit any application. It‘s as simple as    pick your...

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Fully automatic evaporations at the touch of a button Automatic evaporation mode is perfect for controlling applications like rotary evaporation or vacuum distillation. Simply press the start button and the boiling pressure will be detected automatically and continuously adapted throughout the process. This makes the process run quickly, and without foaming. There‘s no need for manual adjustments or constant babysitting. The function “automatic evaporation” works in combination with a VARIO chemistry diaphragm pump. Easy customization through drag and drop editing Use the new drag and drop...

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Covers all common vacuum processes One for all VACUU·SELECT works with a wide range of vacuum sources - whether integrated into a VARIO pump, used with an existing lab pump, or in connection with a lab vacuum system. All common lab applications are supported by a single controller. VACUU·SELECT simply has you covered. Vacuum Concentrator Freeze Dryer    rotary evaporation, with proven VACUUBRAND fully automatic mode at the touch of a button Rotary Evaporator    all other applications in the rough vacuum range down to 1 mbar Vacuum Drying Schlenk Line    Fine vacuum control down to 10-3...

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Variable set up of the control panel Put the controller where you want it to be The VACUU·SELECT controller allows you to separate the control panel from the sensor. Leave the pump in the base cabinet and put the display on the bench. Installation flexibility allows you to set up your work space as you like it. Your data - always under control VACUU·SELECT can be integrated into modern networks and data management systems. Read out data using a USB stick or network interface. Modern software allows for simple updates and add-ons.

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A SOLUTION THAT ALWAYS WORKS VACUU·SELECT Complete Controller - for existing vacuum pumps All-in-one, when and where you need it The VACUU·SELECT Complete Controller includes the control module, and integrated vacuum sensor, control valve, and venting valve. Available with a table top stand, for lab scaffold mounting, or for panel mounting.    install the controller in your vacuum line, between the pump and your application    the VACUU·SELECT controller detects solvent boiling then holds the pressure level to maintain process control    venting valve allows connection of inert gas   ...

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All-in-one chemistry pumping units Als Komplettlösung integriert in Chemievakuum-Pumpstände Something great just got better VACUUBRAND chemistry pumping units - now with VACUU·SELECT VACUUBRAND chemistry pumping units with valve control    these units combine VACUU·SELECT with VACUUBRAND‘s powerful, reliable chemistry diaphragm pumps and electronic control valves    the VACUU·SELECT detects solvent boiling then holds the pressure level to maintain process control    independent control for up to two separate processes using a single controller Speed controlled VARIO chemistry pumping units:...

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■ minimizes process times ■ enables automated processes ■ generates reproducible results ■ minimizes risk of foaming and sample loss VACUU-SELECT supports two vacuum control procedures. Classic 2-point control uses a solenoid valve with the VACUU-SELECT controller. Advanced VARIO control achieves unparalleled precision with motor speed control. Classic 2-point vacuum valve control Compatible with any vacuum source ■ detects the onset of solvent evaporation then maintains a stable vacuum level ■ pump is permanently running at full speed Precise VARIO® control via motor speed control...

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Automated evaporation In Automated Evaporation mode, the new VACUU·SELECT controller automatically detects solvent vapor pressures. With continuous optimization of the vacuum level based on real-time process conditions, there is no need to actively monitor your process - no more babysitting is required. Just press start and walk away.    minimizes process time    reliably maintains control for you - no more babysitting    makes manual adjustments and programming a thing of the past    minimizes foaming and sample loss Pump speed on demand Precisely optimized vacuum    whisper quiet...

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