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Technology for Vacuum systems a new approach for Chemistry Vacuum systems: solvent recovery without coolants Peltronic Exhaust Vapour Condenser Chemistry Vacuum System with Peltronic Exhaust Vapour Condenser: Save money by saving the environment

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Peltronic Exhaust Vapour Condenser Cool and clean: Air-cooled Peltier modules are better for the environment and will never flood your lab! Increases efficiency, eliminates flooding risk: Electronic Exhaust Vapour Condenser without water / coolant connection • solvent recovery entirely without coolants such as e.g. water or dry ice • Fully automatic electronic control of cooling surface temperature and ventilator • saves up to 1200 Euro / 800 GBP per year compared to a fresh water cooling cycle. Will thus pay for itself within 1 to 2 years! • Ideal for under-bench vacuum installations No...

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