Backing vacuum for turbo pumps, Vacuum for surface engineering, analytics, and industry - 12 Pages

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Backing vacuum for turbo pumps, Vacuum for surface engineering, analytics, and industry

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The right backing vacuum for your Turbo pumps High vacuum pumps, such as those used for many applications in physics, commonly need forevacuum backing pumps. Backing pumps (sometimes called roughing pumps) must fulfill specific demands in flow capacity and ultimate vacuum, and are commonly expected to provide continuous service over several years without interruption. With its specific focus on technologies for rough and fine vacuum generation, VACUUBRAND offers a broad selection of pumps that are well suited for backing service. State-of-the-art, oil-free diaphragm pumps can often replace...

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The right backing vacuum for yourTurbo pumps Process-related selection of the most appropriate backing pump Applications with process gas-load For systems with significant gas-load (e.g., through process-related gas intake or internal gas generation) or for fast pump-down requirements, a larger capacity backing pump is neccessary. The chart below shows transferable gas-load over achievable backing pressure for a selection of common VACUUBRAND backing-pumps. Plot your process-related gas-load as a horizontal line in the chart (gas-load in mbar l/s). Now read out the corresponding estimated...

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The right backing vacuum for your Turbo pumps Rotary vane pumps Rotary vane pumps are appropriate for process vacuum requirements between 10-1 and 10-3 mbar. VACUUBRAND rotary vane pumps provide excellent vacuum and pumping speed performance with compact designs. A comprehensive range of available accessories ensures the flexibility to address varying applications. The effective gas ballast device on these pumps, with large gas ballast flow, assures outstanding vapor tolerance for moisture and solvents. VACUUBRAND's progressive recirculated oil lubrication system in the RZ 2.5 and RZ 6...

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The right backing vacuum for your Turbo pumpsRotary vane pumps Rotary vane pump RZ 2.5 Rotary vane pump RZ 6 Rotary vane pump RZ 9 Rotary vane pump RZ 16 PERFORMANCE FEATURES ■ excellent pumping speed performance, even near the ultimate vacuum ■ high water vapor tolerance through efficient gas ballast design; good ultimate vacuum even with open gas ballast ■ vacuum-tight shut-off ■ long oil change intervals through large applicable oil volume ■ easy maintenance with VACUUBRAND's distinctive telescope pump design ult. vacuum with open gas ballast ult. vacuum without gas load 1 x...

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The right backing vacuum for your Turbomolecular pumps Diaphragm pumps for backing of wide-range turbomolecular pumps Diaphragm pumps are totally oil-free vacuum pumps that can be used effectively in a wide range of evacuation and gas transfer applications, such as in physics laboratories, because vacuum performance ranges from atmospheric pressure down to 0.6 mbar (0.3 mbar for VARIO® diaphragm pumps). Since modern turbo pumps with integrated molecular drag stage (commonly called wide-range turbomolecular pumps), need foreline vacuum levels only in the mbar range, diaphragm pumps can be...

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The right backing vacuum for yourTurbomolecular pumps Diaphragm pumps with fixed rpm PERFORMANCE FEATURES ■ large selection of pump models with regard to ultimate vacuum and pumping speed performance ■ high pumping speed performance close to ultimate vacuum specification ■ maintenance-free drive system, service-friendly design; easy diaphragm and valve exchange ■ exceptionally quiet operation and low vibration ■ excellent durability for diaphragms and valves, with typical lifetimes of more than 10,000 hours of operation ■ long-term performance stability through reliable planar-diaphragm...

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Variable backing vacuum for turbomolecular pumps VARIO ® Diaphragm Pumps Oil-Free Backing Pumps for Optimal High Vacuum System Performance Through increased running speed during the pump-down process, compared to corresponding conventional diaphramp pump models, VARIO® diaphragm pumps reflect a unique combination of modern control electronics with highperformance mechanics. Significantly higher pumping speed rates are achieved. Furthermore the patent-protected automatic rpm-optimisation improves the ultimate vacuum performance, while noise-level, power consumption, and vibrations are...

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VARIO-SP™ - Variable speed diaphragm pumps for system integration VARIO-SP™ diaphragm pumps deliver high performance in a compact package by using a brushless 24 V DC motor. These pumps are designed for integration into OEM equipment such as leak detectors, residual gas analyzers, or waste gas analyzers. The 24 V DC motor permits worldwide operation independent of local voltage differences. Performance features ■■ variable speed motor allows high speed pump down and low speed operation at system pressure ■■ planar diaphragm design ensures high pumping speeds are maintained to low pressure...

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Vacuum gauges and controllers for physical applications Vacuum measurement Modern laboratory and industrial applications require vacuum gauges with excellent chemical resistance, reliability in demanding conditions, and ease of use. VACuuBRAND's wide range of electronic vacuum gauges is designed to measure from atmospheric pressure to 5x10-9 mbar. ■ In the rough vacuum range (atmosphere pressure down to 0.1 mbar), VACUUBRAND offers gauges with capacitive sensors. These sensors, built around ceramic diaphragms, offer highly accurate measurements which are gas-independent. These gauges offer...

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Vacuum gauges and controllers for physical applications Vacuum control Many laboratory applications require vacuum control to ensure the reliability and repeatability of data. Vacuum is controlled by adjusting the pumping speed to match process conditions with the desired vacuum level. This can be accomplished in several ways, such as: ■ switching the pump on and off with the VNC 2 controller ■ opening and closing an in-line solenoid valve using the CVC 3000 or VNC 2 controllers ■ continuously adjusting the pump motor speed to match the gas load using VARIO pumps with CVC 3000 controllers ■...

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