the self-suction VacuLifter® U250


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Self-suction Vacuum Lifter Type series U250 For horizontal transport of smooth, non porous loads > > > > energy independent automatic mode plug & play, immediately ready for operation standard and individual solutions for different loads and sensitive surfaces Further advantages Basic unit > simply controlled for e.g. by crane control > low maintenance and easy to service > increased safety with optical-acoustical safety unit accordingly DIN EN 13155 > for indoor and outdoor use > made in Germany > well engineered devices with more than 40 years of experience, we are the inventor Each specific type of this system has the same basic unit. The customized devices are equipped with different beams, suction pads and with high quality sealing rings, which are exchangeable. If required oil or heat resistant sealing rings are also available. Easy Solutions For Heavy Loads.

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the self-suction VacuLifter® U250 - 2

Self-suction Vacuum Lifter Type series U250 Multi pad device type U250-4Q Multi pad device type U250-2 > Size of suction pads U500 > Maximum size of the load* 3,000 x 2,000 mm > Minimum size of the load 1,500 x 480 mm > 2 suction pads diagonal switchable by lever valve > Lifting capacity > Minimum load > Dead weight > Size of suction pads 2,100 kg > Maximum size of the load* 70 kg 3,500 x 2,000 mm 465 kg > Minimum size of the load U1000 1,260 x 625 mm > Suction pads slidable Multi pad device type U250-4L Multi pad device type U250-10 > Size of suction pads U1000 > Height compensation...

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