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vacon low harmonic products clean power solutions ®

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what businesses dream of Businesses are always looking for ways in which production processes can be streamlined, energy usage reduced and costs minimized. Their goal is to achieve optimal efficiency levels by ensuring that all aspects of their production flow smoothly and without disturbance. One potential source of unwanted problems is distortion in the energy supply, which is caused by the presence of harmonic currents and voltages. These distortions can cause disturbances for equipment connected to the same energy supply and create additional losses. Vacon offers solutions with active...

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and transformers, voltage distortion, even breakdowns and malfunctions in other equipment connected to the same supply. An active front end (AFE) system eliminates the source of harmonic currents by replacing the diode rectifier with a controlled rectifier bridge, which creates a sinusoidal current with very low harmonic content. The load power factor can also be controlled. AFE reduces the THDi to less than 5% and, depending on process requirements, allows for energy to flow to and from the supply. This Vacon Low Harmonic solution can be used in applications where the load needs to be...

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vacon low harmonic solution Vacon® NXC low harmonic drive is the perfect choice for applications where low harmonics solutions are required. Not only does it meet the most demanding requirements for clean power but also provides other important benefits, such as regenerative braking and voltage boosting for maximum output power. clean power saves money The low harmonic enclosed drive offers an excellent comprehensive solution for the most demanding power quality requirements. The drive complies with the IEEE519/1993, G5/4 and the relevant IEC harmonic standards. The low THDi reduces supply...

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low harmonic solution in action rwe gasspeicher gmbh, gronau-epe, germany In 2011, a VACON Low harmonic solution helped RWE Gasspeicher GmbH to replace a conventional current source inverter (CSI) with voltage source inverters (VSI) using VACON® NXP Low harmonic AC drives using VACON DriveSynch technology. Due to the age of many of the CSI drives, the project had to be a retrofit. RWE’s specifications required a 12-pulse current source inverter for the large motor in the underground reservoir in Epe, along with an active voltage conditioner (AVC) to reduce harmonic distortion in the medium...

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vacon active filter solution Vacon has partnered with a third party to provide an industrial modular active filter with a twist. It’s the first time Vacon has offered a solution which features cutting-edge Active Dynamic Filter technology to create a low harmonic solution. ADF filters are able to react to almost any problem or change in load by removing unnecessary losses and restoring a smooth sine wave without disturbances. precisely the power required These unique low harmonic solutions are fully customizable, and multiple ADFs can be combined to accommodate higher power as required....

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active filter solution in action petrovietnam, south china sea A LeTourneau 160E jack-up drilling platform in the South China Sea, not far from the Vietnamese coast, serves as the perfect example of how active filter technology can be the perfect solution for keeping processes running smoothly in potentially disruptive conditions. The rig was commissioned by PetroVietnam, Vietnam’s national oil and gas group. Offshore drilling rigs have large non-linear loads compared to the installed generator capacity. This has the potential to affect other equipment onboard. Norwegian system integrator...

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TECHNICPL DPTP * Compensation power at 400V nominal voltage ** Please state your system voltage and line frequency when ordering

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type code key vacon ® nxc low harmonic NXC 0520 5 A 2 L 0 S S F A1 A2 00 00 00 + IFD nxc 0520 Product Range NXC = cabinet Nominal current voltage 0520 = 520 A 5 Nominal mains voltage 5 = 380-500 V 6 = 525-690 V a Control keypad A = standard alphanumeric B = no local keypad F = dummy keypad G = graphic display 2 Enclosure class 5 = IP 54, FR4-10; NXC FR9-FR14; AF9-14 2 = IP 21, FR4-11; NXC FR9-FR14; AF9-14 l EMC emission levels L = category C3, EN 61800-3 0 Brake chopper 0 = no brake chopper 1 = integrated brake chopper s s f a1 a2 00 00 00 + ifd 10 T = for IT networks Supply R =...

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type code key vacon ® adf VACON ADF P300 100 480 vacon adf p300 VACON Active Dynamic Filter Product series number for air-cooled products VACON ADF P300 200 480 vacon adf p300 VACON Active Dynamic Filter Product series number for air-cooled products 100 Current [A] 200 Current [A] 480 Supply Voltage 480 Supply Voltage VACON ADF P300 300 480 vacon adf p300 VACON Active Dynamic Filter Product series number for air-cooled products VACON ADF P300 100 690 vacon adf p300 VACON Active Dynamic Filter Product series number for air-cooled products 300 Current [A] 100 Current [A] 480 Supply Voltage...

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vacon at your service Vacon is driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the best AC drives and inverters in the world - and to provide customers with efficient product life-cycle services. Our AC drives offer optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors. Vacon inverters play a key role when energy is produced from renewable sources. Vacon has production and R&D facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, and sales and service operations in nearly 90 countries. In 2011, Vacon’s revenues amounted to EUR 380.9 million, and the company employed globally...

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