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VACON 20 Cold Plate Brochure

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vacon 20 cold plate flexibility in cooling

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the perfect drive for machinery integration The Vacon 20 Cold Plate is an open frame cold plate drive, designed to be installed inside a customers’ enclosure using any type of cooling media, depending on the requirements of the installation. Both cooling ribs heatsink or water cooled media are suitable for this cost effective and extremely flexible drive. As the inverter has no heat fins, it requires less mounting depth creating considerable space savings. Panels can therefore be smaller and costs reduced. Cabinets can be sealed and IP66 protection can be easier to achieve. This is an...

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technical data general Communication Induction and PMSM motor control Switching frequency up to 16 kHz (factory default 6 kHz) Frequency control U/f and Open loop sensorless vector control Motor tuning identification and flying start mode Overload and underload protections Motor thermal protection Missing phase detection Automatic reset to avoid interruption of the process Output voltage Output current Motor connection RS422 based for PC tools or Keypad interface Control characteristics Software features Standard: Modbus RTU, BACnet, N2 Continuous rated current In at rated ambient...

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ratings and dimensions Supply Motor current type code key VACON 0020 3L 0006 4 CP + OPTION CODES Product Range Vacon 20 Input/Function 3L = Three-phase input Drive rating in Ampere e.g. 0006 = 6 A Supply voltage 4 = 380-480 V Cold Plate EMC level C2 STO integrated Brake chopper integrated +DBIR = Dynamic Brake chopper resistor +HMTX = Text keypad +S_B1 = 6 x DI/DO +S_B2 = 2 x RO + Thermistor +S_B4 = 1 x AI, 2 x AO +S_B5 = 3 x RO +S_B9 = 1 x RO, 5 x DI (42-240VAC) +S_BF = 1 x AO, 1 x DO, 1 x RO +S_E3 = Profibus +S_E6 = CanOpen vacon at your service Vacon is driven by a passion to develop,...

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