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vacon 100 ac drives simply superior ®

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it’s really that easy Imagine the energy savings if all motors were controlled by AC drives. Industry automation continues to increase and so much energy is lost through traditional constant speed and mechanical control mechanisms at present. This is why energy saving programs and policy interventions are a global priority. Our new Vacon® 100 AC drives make these savings easy. They are simple to use and optimize across multiple applications and are wise investment. one drive, extensive applications see energy reduction as a key to improving profitability and competitiveness. With Vacon 100,...

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100 reasons to choose vacon® 100 Vacon 100 AC drives provide the lowest overall cost of ownership across the widest range of applications. driving your business partnership matters Selecting the right AC drive is also about choosing a supplier with the right attitude towards partnership. When you succeed, we succeed. Partnering with Vacon, you can be sure that all efforts aim to the best end result – be it product related, solutions related, or logistics and service-related. You’ll notice that we are driven by our passion to develop, manufacture and sell simply the best AC drives on the...

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exceeding expectations It may look like a traditional AC drive - but it’s not. Vacon® 100 is bursting with smart new features. Benefit from functional safety with Safe Torque Off to prevent the motor from generating torque on the motor shaft, Safe Stop 1, and ATEX certified motor over-temperature protection. Vacon 100 also has a unique feature with built-in Ethernet to make integration to plant automation easy and efficient via integrated ModBus TCP, Ethernet I/P or Profinet IO. Vacon 100 is ideal for a wide range of constant power/ torque applications including pumps, fans, compressors and...

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100 reasons to choose vacon® 100 This one-drive-for-all-applications makes Vacon 100 your easy, economical solution to improved process control and energy savings. what’s in it for you Vacon 100 Common features Benefits Compliance with global standards Global compatibility. Built-in Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU Profinet IO or Ethernet/IP as software option Most of what is needed is in-built. Easy integration with plant automation. Safe torque off, Safe Stop and ATEX Improved safety at work. EMC compliance with integrated RFI filter. Integrated DC chokes No additional accessories required...

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smart integration to your plant automation fieldbus options Engineering, HMI Intelligent Field Device Vacon® 100 is easily integrated with your plant’s automation system using built-in Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet). Integration over Profinet IO or Ethernet IP systems is made possible through software options. Click-in fieldbus options facilitate integration to traditional systems using Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CANOpen & LONWorks. Fieldbus technology ensures increased control and monitoring of the process equipment with reduced cabling. Controller Fieldbus MODBUS TCP, Ethernet...

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commissioning made easy user friendly keypad Vacon has ensured that the user interface is simple and intuitive to use. You will enjoy the keypad’s well-structured menu system that allows for fast commissioning and trouble-free operation. • Graphical and text keypad with multiple language support • 9 signals can be monitored at the same time on a single multimonitor page and is configurable to either 9,6 or 4 signals • 3 color LED status indication on the control unit: blinking green = ready; green = run; red = fault • Trend display for two signals at the same time quick set up Easy...

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optimize your drive your way with vacon software tools vacon ® programming Machine builders or OEMs can achieve a high level of machine performance by optimizing the application with our new Vacon Programming software tools. These licensed tools feature a built-in PLC functionality based on IEC61131-3. You can simply program and secure your own control logic into the drive and use its intelligence and IO resources for performing other machine related tasks. commissioning made easy with vacon ® live Vacon Live is a PC tool which communicates directly with the Vacon 100 drive via Ethernet or...

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technical data Mains connection 208...240 V; 380…500 V; -10%…+10% Input frequency 47 - 65Hz Connection to mains Once per minute or less Starting delay Motor connection Input voltage Uin 4 s (MR4 to MR6); 6 s (MR7 to MR9) Output voltage 0-Uin Il: Ambient temperature up to 40°C (104°F) overload 1.1 x Il (1 min./10 min). Continuous output current IH: Ambient temperature up to 50°C (122°F) overload 1.5 x IH (1 min./10 min). Output frequency 0…320 Hz (standard) Frequency resolution Control characteristics 0.01 Hz 1.5…10 kHz; Switching frequency Automatic switching frequency reduction in case of...

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i/o configurations & options Basic I/O board Standard relay board Optional relay board * Terminal Signal Terminal 1 +10 Vref Reference output 21 RO1/1 NC 2 AI1+ Analog input, voltage or current 22 RO1/2 CM 3 AI1- Analog input common (current) 23 RO1/3 NO 24 RO2/1 NC 4 AI2+ Analog input, voltage or current 25 RO2/2 CM 5 AI2- Analog input common (current) 26 RO2/3 NO 6 24 Vout 24 V aux. voltage 32 RO3/1 CM 7 GND I/O ground 33 RO3/2 NO 8 DI1 Digital input 1 9 DI2 Digital input 2 Option boards (all boards are varnished) 10 DI3 Digital input 3 OPT-F3-V +SBF3 Terminal 21 RO1/3 NO RO2/1 NC 25...

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vacon at your service Vacon is driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the best AC drives and inverters in the world - and to provide customers with efficient product life-cycle services. Our AC drives offer optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors. Vacon inverters play a key role when energy is produced from renewable sources. Vacon has production and R&D facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, and sales and service operations in nearly 90 countries. In 2011, Vacon’s revenues amounted to EUR 380.9 million, and the company employed globally...

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