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VACON 100 X and VACON 20 X

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MAXIMUM PROTECTION WHEREVER YOU WR NT Decentralized drive solutions enable engineers and machine designers to save on costs and space. VACON® 100 X and VACON® 20 X manage to combine IP66/Type 4X protection with a compact design, which means they can be mounted directly onto the motor, machine or wherever the most efficient location forthe drive is. DECENTRRLIZED SOLUTIONS In a decentralized drive solution, the drives are located as close as possible to the motor. Significant savings can be achieved in cabling costs, space and energy when the installation does not require the drives to be...

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Locating the drive as close to the Minimizing the use of electrical rooms Integrating the drive as part of the machine No cabinets used for the drives Notably shorter length of shield cables needed, reducing costs SPVINGS BUILT-IN These are examples of howVACON® 100 X and VACON®20 X can help save on cabinet costs: • No cabinet needed for the drive • Heat loss from the drives does not have to be • Weight and size of the cabinet is significantly reduced • Installation time for the drive is shorter if mounted SPVE MORE IN HIGH POWERS Compared to a traditional solution, with the AC drives...

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VfìCON 20 X— PERFORMPNCE UNDER PRESSURE VACON 20 X sees Vacon building on its experience of producing high class enclosures drives to offer a decentralized drive solution with countless possibilities. An IP66/Type AX enclosure offers the best possible protection from any factors that may be encountered in harsh environments, while other great features such as large cooling ribs and an integrated mains switch make VACON 20 X the right choice when your drive needs to be integrated directly into the application. WHEN YOU NEED P DECENTRPLIZED SOLUTION The main purpose of VACON 20 X is to offer...

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TECHNICRL HIGHLIGHTS • Large cooling ribs • Option of integrated mains switch • Safe Torque Off (STO) mode according to SIL3 • Runs induction and permanent magnet motors • Wide amount of fieldbus connections • Built-in EMC filter for category level C2. • Brake chopper integrated • Cost savings from decentralized concept • Can be used in almost any indoor environment • Can be cleaned with pressurized water • Custom-made software solutions with built-in • Mountable in any position; fits into any available space

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REMOVP BLE KEYPRD RS OPTION Vacon's removable text keypad has non- volatile memory (for copy/paste parameter settings). Mounted with a magnetic fixing, it can be removed and mounted next to the drive or used remotely during commissioning. CERTIFIED PROTECTION VACON 20 X has an enclosure that is IP66/Type 4X approved, meaning that the drive is resistant to potential hazards such as moisture, dust detergents and fluctuations in temperature. MRINS SWITCH INTEGRATED Using the integrated drive supply switch option, the drive's main supply can be disconnected and locked forsafety during...

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TECHNICPL DPTP OPTION BOARDS Product range Drive rating in Ampere Supply voltage Brake chopper integrated + HMTX = Text keypad +S_E3 = Profibus DPV1, [screw connector] + QDSS = Mams switch

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VPCON® 100 X — P DECENTRPLIZED DRIVE LIKE NO OTHER The VACON 100 X sets a new benchmark for decentralized drive solutions. It has a power range up to 30 kW (unmatched by competitors), comes with IP66/Type AX protection and has highly advanced control capability which guarantees processes run exactly how you want them to. On top of all this, it has built-in harmonic filtering chokes, making it suitable for public networks. INTO THE HERT OF THE ACTION P66/Type 4X approval means that VACON 100 X comes with all the armour it needs in order to stand up to the challenges that demanding...

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RPTINGS & DIMENSIONS TECHNICRL HIGHLIGHTS Supports both induction and permanent magnet motors Option of ability to operate in temperatures Integrated with RS485 Modbus and Ethernet Safe Torque Off (STO) mode according to SIL3 Built-in EMC filter for EN61800-3 category C2 DC choke and film capacitor meets Integrated brake chopper Able to withstand rough conditions such as heat, dirt and vibrations Easy to keep clean Approval for public networks makes it flexible Vacon Programming enables top class integration High efficiency and simulated air flow ensure long lifetime Mountable in any...

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WHPT'S INSIDE VPCON® 100 X GORE® VENT Just like VACON 20® X, VACON 100 X comes with a GORE® vent which allows the enclosure to breathe, however harsh the external conditions, and prevents it from getting worn down. This acts as a barrier against condensation, dust and dirt and ensures pressure inside the drive is equalized with the surrounding TÜV/SÜD CERTIFIED SOLUTION LRRGE COOLING RIBS The front of the drive's enclosure offers cooling protection with ribs that don't collect dust. They allow full access to the heatsink and can be cleaned with pressurized water. This makes them easy to...

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TECHNICPL DPTP OPTION BOARDS Product range Drive rating in Ampere Supply voltage Brake chopper integrated + HMGR = Graphical keypad

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VPCON PT YOUR SERVICE Vacon is driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the best AC drives and inverters in the world - and to provide customers with efficient product life-cycle services. Our AC drives offer optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors. Vacon inverters play a key role when energy is produced from renewable sources. Vacon has production and R&D facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, and sales and service operations in nearly 90 countries. In 2011, Vacon's revenues amounted to EUR 380.9 million, and the company employed globally...

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