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VS101 - 1

For your safety, please read the following before using. © Do not use corrosive or flammable gas or liquid with this product. © Please use within the setting pressure range. Do not apply pressure beyond recommended maximum pressure, permanent damage to the pressure sensor may occur. ® Do not drop, hit or allow excessive shock. Even if switch body appears undamaged, internal components may be broken and can cause malfunction. © Turn power off before connecting wiring. Wrong wiring or short circuit will damage and / or cause malfunction. © Do not use in environment containing steam or oil vapor. © This product is not explosion-proof rated. Do not use in atmosphere containing flammable or explosive gases. ® Wiring for pressure sensor should avoid power source line and high voltage line. If use in the same circuit, noise may cause malfunction. © ESD protection ±4KV. A(1) Brown(+) (3) Blue (-) (4) Black(OUT) V_. A(1) Brown(+) (3) Blue (-) (4) Black (Analog out) -•-►Vacuum Pressure Setting Pressure Vacuum Pressure OinHg -29.9inHg ORDERING INFORMATION HOW TO SET PRESSURE Output Specifications A: Analog output (1-5V) N : NPN output P : PNPoutput 5- M 8 T Wiring Type M8 : With M8 3-Pin male connector | Optional Parts ~| M8CS-3 : With M8,3 Pin female connector • Use the pressure setting trimmer to set "ON" pressure. Rotate clockwise to increase pressure setpoint. • Rotate counter-clockwise to decrease pressure setpoint. • Use appropriate size screwdriver for the setting trimmers. Gently turn the screwdriver to make adjustments. To prevent damage to the pressure setting trimmer, DO NOT force the trimmer when it comes to a stop. PR-0297A 2014/01 Printing We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice.

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