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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Compressed-Air Powered Vacuums, General Purpose VAC-U-MAX invented the world’s first vacuum cleaner for operation on compressed air in 1954. The variable orifice venturi allows operation with the lowest air consumption on the market, yet also allow you to double the vacuum level if you have more compressed air. VAC-U-MAX air vacuums will work longer than other vacuums because there are no moving parts, utilize a heavy-duty filter and cage with protective supports and low noise operation. MDL005. Single Venturi, Dry Only, Air Powered Vacuum with 5 Gallon Capacity Pail. Performance: • Vacuum...

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Compressed-Air Powered Vacuums, Specialty Applications These VAC-U-MAX vacuums are engineered for specific applications that address issues of chemical compatibility, flammability, combustibility, worker exposure to collected dusts and the unique needs of the metalworking industry. These vacuums are sold as a “package” with a collection container, a drum dolly or cart, and an engineered hose and tool kit. MDL55. Flammable Liquids Recovery. This vacuum cleaner is designed for safe recovery of Gasoline, Diesel, JP-4 and JP-5 Jet Fuels plus Non-Combustible Liquids. The vacuum is compressed air...

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Continuous Duty Electric Vacuums Model 150 Continuous-Duty Portable Vacuum designed to handle the most difficult powders, as well as metal chips and bakery products. It can support one operator up to 50' feet away from the vacuum and also provides excellent suction for overhead cleaning. Performance: • Maximum Suction Power 7" Hg. (95" H20) • Maximum Air Flow 260 CFM • Suction Connection 2.0" • Motor 5 HP TEFC or XP • Capacity of Container 18 gallon • Standard finish Blue Powder Coat MDL850. High-powered portable vacuum on heavy-duty frame for one operator or three simultaneous operators....

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Intercepts and Hoppers Model 30R and 55R Intercept Covers fit standard 30- and 55-gallon open-top steel drums with rolled rims. Available with or without a dust filter and reliable AutoVac liquid cut-off. These models are designed for dry only or wet/dry applications (or wet-only applications by removing the filter and support cage). Carbon steel or Stainless Steel construction. Inlet and outlet connections can be mixed or matched from 1.5” tp 3.0” size. Also available with HEPA filtration for dry fine/hazardous materials. VAC-U-MAX Model 115 Intercept Cover is designed primarily for...

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Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems VAC-U-MAX is a worldwide leader of today’s most innovative industrial vacuum cleaning equipment and central vacuum cleaning equipment. Our industrial vacuums are used in all applications from general plant clean up to high volume recovery of material. At VAC-U-MAX, we’ve redefined the vacuum cleaning industry by offering the latest technology in filtration and material handling. We’re material handling specialists! We provide choices of collection containers and disposal techniques to match your material handling requirements. Some VAC-U-MAX systems can...

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Liquid Recovery Combustible Dust Machine Shop Central Vacuum Flammable Liquid Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Tool & Accessories Catalog

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VAC-U-MAX was founded in 1954 with the invention, patenting and production of the world's first compressed-air-powered vacuum. We continue to lead the industrial vacuum industry today in best practices and innovative technology for the safe and successful vacuuming of combustible dusts such as solid rocket propellant, aluminum and magnesium dusts, coal dust, cornstarch, powdered milk, cocoa powder, sugar, rubber dust, methylcellulose, plastic dusts, paper dust, ordnance materials, wood dust, toner, etc. Compliance with the latest versions of NFPA 68, 69, 77, 484, 654, 850 and others....

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