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Bulk Bag Handling Equipment

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Bulk Bag Unloaders Features: The VAC-U-MAX Bulk Bag Unloader is specifically designed to provide an easy, clean and economical way to discharge the entire contents of bulk and semi-bulk bags, especially when the material is less than free flowing. Bulk Bags can be loaded in to the VAC-U-MAX Bulk Bag Unloader three ways. 1. Using a Hoist with a motorized trolley. 2. Using a Fork lIft and a VAC-U-MAX lifting frame. 3. Using existing hoist and I Beam, eliminating the upper frame of the bulk bag unloader. Heavy Duty Welded Tubular Frame Construction Lift Off Guards protecting plant personnel...

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Features The VAC-U-MAX Massage Paddle design works in conjunction with a level control to keep the material flowing to the discharge point of the VAC-U-MAX Bulk Bag Unloader Discharge Options Screw Discharger The VAC-U-MAX Screw Discharger is used where weighing is involved or when the material is nonfree flowing. These screw dischargers boast a heavy duty construction hollow gear bore, variable frequency drives and augers designed specifically for the application Easy Access With the large access door operators can untie the bag with out risk of injury. Door provides ease of cleaning and...

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Bulk Bag Filling Filling Spout Bag Vent with Cartridge Filter Manual Bag Connector, fits any bag size Venturi Operated Bag Inflator 3 Heavy Duty Welded Tubular Frame MDL104130A VAC-U-MAX Basic Bulk Bag Unloader Bulk Bag Filling The VAC-U-MAX MDL104130A Basic Bulk Bag Filler is made of heavy duty tubular 3 square tubing. This unit has telescoping legs which allow it to handle bulk bags from 36 tall to 72 tall. Standard Features: Heavy Duty tubular support frame with telescoping legs Bag Loading Spout Elastic cord bag clamp, designed to secure any bag neck diameter Bag Inflation device Carbon...

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Bulk Bag Pre-Conditioner Improves Material Flow The Bulk Bag Preconditioner by VAC-U-MAX massages bulk bags to improve material flow before being discharged. Bulk bags which can lay dorment for a period of time have a tendency to compact. When this happens, it is difficult for the material to discharge and flow from the bag. Now, with the use of our patent pending Bulk Bag Pre-Conditioner, hard compacted material is no longer a problem. Features Designed to hold one bag at a time Works by way of multiple heavyduty air cylinders, which compress all four sides of the bag at timed intervals...

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Pneumatic Conveying Systems Pneumatic Conveying Systems from VAC-UMAX. VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of custom pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying, batching, and weighing materials. With a VAC-U-MAX system on site, your company s product can move gently and quickly from point to point, with nothing in the way to impede the efficiency of its movement. Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems & Equipment VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaning systems for production lines and other dust-intensive areas. With a VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty vacuum cleaning...

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