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Air-Powered Vacuum Cleaners

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The Original Air-Powered Vacuum Cleaner and Still the Best VAC-U-MAX introduced the first venturi-driven air operated vacuum cleaner in 1954. These units reflect our experience and are the most versatile, heavy duty and efficient vacuums on the market today. Unique Venturi design allows for adjustable suction power from 110” H2O to 215” H2O 3-X the suction of comparably priced electric units Units available with up to 400 cfm air flow Great for Liquids! Wet/Dry Units Pick up 2 Gallons per second Safe! Standard models include nonclogging inlet, ground strap and ground lug for safe effective...

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Dry Vacuums Wet & Dr y Vacuums 30-Gallon Siz e N o. of Venturis Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel *Wet/Dr et/Dry *Wet/Dr y Units are capable of picking up 1-2 Gallons per sec of liquids Dry Vacuums Dr y Only Vacuums 30-Gallon Siz e N o. of Venturis Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Dry Vacuums, HEPA Dr y Only Vacuums, HEPA-Filtered N o. of Venturis T flon C oated, Rated 99.9% @ 1mi cron e Rated 99.97% @ .3 Mi cron, D OP C erti fi ed Dry Only 5-Gallon Size N o. Of Venturis Compressed Air Requirements, All Units N o. Of Venturis

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Steel Drums Drum Si ze Carbon Steel Drain Valve Assemblies, 2” size Carbon Steel Drop Bottom Style Standard Chip Basket Carbon Steel Specialty Air Operated Vacuum Cleaners MDL 55-Flammable Liquid Recovery makes sucking up flammable liquids safe 69 William Street Belleville, NJ 07109 T: 973-759-4600*800-822-8629 F: 973-759-6449 E:* MDL 30 and MDL55 Powder Paint Recovery makes powder paint booths easy to clean MDL TK, Liquid Only Recovery, 1-2 gallons per second. Fills entire closed top drum

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