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(ICW37A81) (IC3A0W7) Motor type Motor typePower (based on 4 pole speed)Voltage > Squirrel cageSlip ring HKM/HRM25.0 MW15.0 MW water jacket cooled > Low voltage High voltageSquirrel cageSlip ringSquirrel cageSlip ring MKH/HCZ2.5 MW1.5 MW0.4 -11.0 kV CoolingmethodIC81W Power (based on 4 pole speed) > Squirrel cage Slip ring Voltage > Squirrel cageSlip ring 0.4 -13.8 kV > Wekeeptheworldin motion.Page 5 size="-1">

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Especially for flue gas desulfurisation(FGD) projects, ELIN EBG Motoren GmbH offers its customers complete solutions containing motors for pumps, fans and compressors. Our company was able to expand its position in the customer segment Compressors and strengthen the global presence.Examples for FGD projects realized by our company are NeurathPower Plant -BoA2&3 (Germany), Fiddlers Ferry / Ferrybridge(UK) as well as VoerdePower Plant (Germany) among others. CompressormotorLinz, Austria VoerdePower Plant,Germany > Wekeeptheworldin motion.Page 6 size="-1">

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