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ߌ 200b ºC ߕ 3 bar ۰ߎ optional aiming flange ϣ= 2 GHz ⏳ ≤ 3 seconds ߌ 450b ºC ߕ 400 bar ۰ߎ customizable extensions ۰ߎ optional mounting flange

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Radar Sensors Continuous & Interface Measurement Wireless solution Remote sensor configuration and diagnostics Hygienic Design Minimal Blocking Distance Stainless steel triclamp Suitable for cleaning process SIP / CIP High Chemical Resistance User Friendly Robust design PVDF contact parts Potted housing and potted electronics Suitable for many acids UWT GmbH - Level Control www.uwtgroup.com info@uwtgroup.com Plug & Play Optional display Quick Start Wizard Simple commissioning and configuration 2-Wire Hart Protocol Full range measurement from sensor lens Short response time High precision...

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