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uvex safety gloves

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protecting planet To help raise awareness of its commitment to achieving increased sustainability, uvex has developed the protecting planet icon. For uvex, protecting planet is more than a label. Based on the brand claim, protecting people, our sustainable approach integrates three core interlinked pillars — ecology, economy and social responsibility, that are incorporated throughout the business to improve our sustainability performance. This explains the comprehensive audit, measurement and evaluation management process uvex undertakes along the entire value chain to ensure its products...

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The uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg planet is an example of the planet series product system. by using bio-based material // by using recycled material // by maximum reduction of pollutants By using bamboo viscose uvex is utilising a renewable raw material and recycled polyamide. Together, these sustainable materials account for 45 percent of the material used. The gloves also offer greater protection to the health of the wearer than stipulated by REACH regulations as they comply with the uvex list of banned substances and the skin compatibility has been dermatologically approved by the proDERM...

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Innovative safety gloves “Made in Germany” Manufacturing and technology expertise uvex hand protection centre of expertise in Lüneburg A fully integrated development process, state-of-the-art robot-controlled plant technology and strict production controls guarantee that our safety gloves are of first-class quality. Production in Germany ensures sustainable, resource-saving production and short distances from manufacturer to end user. Sustainable production: • CO2-neutral production • Solvents and plasticisers not used in production • Sustainable environmental and energy management (ISO...

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Extensive know-how is part of our service Service expertise We know exactly what you want. Our expertise is available for you at all times which forms the basis of our on-site. Risk-hazard analysis service: Our hand protection specialists work with you to determine which safety gloves are best suited to your individual requirements. Seminars, laboratory analyses and online tools round off our service portfolio. Fully integrated development processes • own yarn/liner manufacturing • own compounding (blending) • specially developed moulding and process technology • innovative coating...

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Safety Gloves Mechanical Risks / Special risks Precision work uvex phynomic uvex rubipor uvex phynomic airLite A ESD uvex phynomic foam uvex phynomic allround uvex phynomic x-foam HV uvex phynomic wet plus uvex phynomic lite uvex phynomic lite w uvex athletic uvex unilite uvex unipur uvex unigrip uvex athletic allround uvex athletic lite uvex athletic lite ESD uvex athletic lite dry uvex unipur carbon uvex unipur carbon FT Heat protection Heavy Duty uvex profi uvex uvex contact profi ergo ergo ENB20C ENB20A uvex profi ergo ENB20 uvex profi ergo XG20A uvex profi ergo XG uvex glove clip uvex...

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Safety Gloves Cut protection uvex D500 / uvex C500 uvex Bamboo Twinflex® D xg Cut protection uvex phynomic uvex unidur uvex athletic uvex uvex uvex phynomic phynomic phynomic airLite B ESD airLite C ESD C3 uvex uvex uvex unidur unidur unidur 6659 foam sleeve C sleeve C TL Chemical Risks Safety gloves with textil support - Coating: Nitrile uvex rubiflex uvex u-chem uvex uvex uvex rubiflex S rubiflex SZ rubiflex SZ uvex protector uvex protector chemical uvex protector chemical Safety gloves without textil support Disposable safety gloves HexArmor gloves uvex u-fit uvex uvex profastrong...

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Table of contents Standards and product advice International standards for safety gloves International standards for safety gloves Safety gloves to protect against mechanical risks Safety gloves to protect against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms Safety gloves to protect against electrostatic characteristics Live working - Gloves of insulating material Working with high voltage - Clothing that protects against the thermal hazards of an electric arc – part 1–2 Safety gloves and other protective hand equipment designed to protect against thermal risks (heat and/or fire) Safety gloves...

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Contents Pictograms These pictograms in our catalogue help you to choose the perfect safety glove. 1. Select the risk potential Mechanical protection What is the main risk for users in the workplace? Working with chemicals Cut protection Special risks (e.g. heat protection) 2. Determine your individual requirements Precision All-round Are the activities in wet/oily or more humid or dry working environments? The bars indicate how suitable the product is for each setting. 3. Defining environmental conditions Heavy duty Light moisture/oily What type of activity are the safety gloves being...

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Standards EN 388:2016+A1:2018 Standard for safety gloves to protect against mechanical risks EN 388:2016 contains various test methods for comparing the mechanical performance of gloves. This standard focusses on the following six performance levels: b f Impact protection (P if passed) e Cut resistance in accordance with ISO (A to F) d Puncture resistance (0 to 4) c Tear resistance (0 to 4) b Coup test cut resistance (0 to 5; X = not applicable or not tested) To test the abrasion resistance of the safety glove, the material is rubbed with abrasive paper under pressure. The number of cycles...

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Standards EN ISO 374-1:2018 · DIN EN 374-5:2016 EN ISO 374-1:2018 Standard for safety gloves to protect against chemical risks Chemical safety gloves must meet the requirements of European standard EN ISO 374-1. This standard has undergone fundamental changes in terms of certification. Test chemicals: From the list of 18 test chemicals, the glove material must be tested for permeation as part of the certification process using 6, 3 or 1 chemical(s), depending on the type class. Identifier Test chemical Methanol Acetone Acetonitrile Heterocyclic, ether compounds Ethyl acetate Carbon...

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