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uvex PPE Catalogue - 1

protecting people

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 2

protecting people Active occupational health and safety with personal protective equipment (PPE) Ladies and gentlemen, valued customers, Our mission statement is protecting people. For us, this is much more than a mere marketing slogan. Our objective is to protect people at work. With this comes a huge responsibility, requiring us to ensure our efforts are focused on developing products and services which minimise workplace hazards. We view our task as not only optimising protection via highperformance, product-based solutions, but also by taking an active role in terms of risk prevention....

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 3

brand systems provider with international manufacturing expertise. We also have a highly qualified network of strategic partners that allows us to meet wide-ranging market and customer requirements. Innovation We develop, manufacture and distribute industrial safety products that fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, function and innovation. With our comprehensive service concept, we are pursuing the goals of generating measureable added value for customers around the world. We strive to be the leaders in innovation in our field. Quality As manufacturers, we place extremely high...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 4

Quality Made in uvex via lity rols ua ont g q ct s c in ur du ro ns E ep iv ns sive te ehen ex m pr Creating value Companies which are prepared to take total responsibility for the development and manufacturing of their products and the necessary performance which goes hand-in-hand with this are best placed to guarantee quality and safety. From initial development sketches and mould construction to final quality checks, uvex controls all product parameters. The comprehensive nature of this entire supply chain control means that uvex is well-placed to ensure the quality of its products to...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 5

For uvex, quality is far more than the sum total of positive characteristics. Quality is a culture which pervades the company, its objectives, products and services at all levels. Preserving resources Carbon dioxide: 327.4 t. Machine oil: 4,000 L. Energy: 542 Mwh. These are extracts from uvex’s 2014 energy saving balance sheet. Whether it’s reducing emissions of harmful substances, minimising the consumption of raw materials in production processes or decreasing levels of noise pollution: a mindful attitude towards preserving resources is one of the core focuses of uvex’s corporate...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 6

From initial idea to top quality product Systems provider with manufacturing expertise uvex safety is synonymous with exceptional health and safety solutions, which meet the most demanding conditions. Comprehensive know-how, state-of-the-art technology and an uncompromising quality management form the basis of this. Virtually 80% of the entire value-added created is generated in uvex’s own production facilities. Innovative protective eyewear products – from safety spectacles to laser protection goggles – are manufactured at a centre of excellence located in the Group’s headquarters in...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 7

New ideas for new challenges “Standard” is not an option for uvex safety. As a specialist in occupational health and safety, uvex is setting new benchmarks. The revolutionary INTECT strategic innovation management program generates solutions which are tailored to suit customer needs and create genuine value-added. uvex safety is constantly advancing its technological expertise for a fast, flexible response to new challenges. This is the only way to ensure that the high demand for quality placed on products and services can be met at all times. In uvex safety, companies can rely on a...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 8

Brand of the century uvex stands up to comparison uvex has emerged as one of the most innovative small and medium-sized companies in Germany and has been awarded the TOP 100 quality seal on a number of occasions. This included winning in the following categories: “Innovation marketing” (2009) and “Innovative processes and organisation” (2011) as well as being the overall “Innovator of the year” (2013). In order to gain a neutral assessment of its performance, uvex does not shy away from direct comparisons and regularly participates in competitions and benchmark projects. In the past few...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 9

Jbntt - Environnement design award Design Award reddot design award design award design award Design Award Design Award SAFETY & HEALTH Expo uvex 1 x-tended support

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 10

uvex safety group sports group One Brand – One Mission The name uvex is synonymous with innovation in industrial safety, sports and leisure. As a partner for international toplevel sport, uvex equips more than 1,000 professional athletes worldwide with ski goggles and helmets, equestrian riding helmets, cycling helmets, sports eyewear and motorsport racing helmets. The transfer of knowledge between our safety and sports divisions directly supports innovative product development. This ensures that key features such as wearer comfort, protection, functionality and style, support performance...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 12

uvex i-gonomics Measurable stress reduction for safety goggles The innovative uvex i-gonomics product system sets new standards in ergonomics, delivering perfect fit, light weight and optimum temperature. Goggles are comfortable and remain fog free even during periods of physical exertion which increases wearer well-being and enables you to get on with the job at hand. uvex u-sonic The uvex u-sonic innovative soft seal adapts to the face for a customised, non-irritating fit without pressure points. The unrivalled anti-fog lens coating ensures that the compact wide-vision goggle boasts an...

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uvex PPE Catalogue - 13

4.40 The relief index is calculated using the mean value of the three index values (IV) for force, weight and temperature – ranging from 0 (= poor) to 5 (=perfect). weight 4.2 clima 4.8 weight • Test method: weighing the product • Test result: product weight = 69 g (IV 4.2) • Test method: uvex “Anti-fog” benchmark test • Test result: AntiFog performance = 29 points (IV 4.8) • Comfortable to wear, reducing onset of fatigue • Fog-free view even under extreme conditions

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