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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013


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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 1

Experience Innovation! 2013 ENGLISH VERSION

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 2

Value follows innovation Corporate vision and industrial health and safety strategy Dear Customers, Ladies and Gentlemen, We are delighted to present the new edition of our full product catalogue. In keeping with our slogan “Experience Innovation!”, we have developed a number of innovative products in every catagory over the last few months, which we will introduce to you for the first time in the following pages. As an innovative provider of brand systems and an expert manufacturer, the uvex safety group is the only international supplier of industrial safety products to be able to offer a...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 3

For further information, install the QR Code Reader and photograph the code using a smartphone. VISION In the world of uvex, we intend to be leaders in innovation – creating global value-oriented growth and the number one position in all our markets and areas of activity. Value follows innovation! MISSION The uvex brand confirms our responsibility. The central theme of protecting people is our mission and this is why we are commited to develop, manufacture and distribute products and services which deliver individual safety and protection in the fields of work, sport and leisure. uvex is...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 4

competence uvex product ranges Innovation through Technology uvex 3D uvex 3D represents an entirely new dimension in wearer comfort, performance and fit in professional safety wear. The advanced ergonomic design ensures that our innovative product system stands out. All products are designed by uvex on the basis of the latest scientific findings to correspond with human anatomy in the best possible way. In addition, all products have a range of adjustability to ensure an optimum fit for each individual wearer. From safety shoes to protective helmets, uvex 3D products fit perfectly in all...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 5

competence The uvex silver system – comprising uvex silv-Air and uvex disposable coveralls is the uvex product system for protection against serious hazards. The high performance respirators provide reliable protection when worn for extended periods due to their innovative filter technology and unique comfort features. These products are complemented perfectly by the range of uvex disposable coveralls, which not only protect against dirt and dust, but include innovative high technology materials to safeguard against dangerous viruses and bacteria. The uvex silver system is extremely...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 6

competence More than just ski goggles Two platforms, one strong brand. The uvex brand is synonymous with empowering responsibility and functionality in industrial, sport and leisure applications. This is driven by the common goal enshrined by the uvex safety group and uvex sports group of: protecting people. Leading athletes and millions of others place their trust in uvex products in support of their industrial, sport and leisure activities. They rightly demand that such products deliver outstanding performance through their design, manufacture, protection and innovative qualities and uvex...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 7

competence uvex fp 3 By professionals for professionals – the cycling helmet that meets the highest demands. Standards: EN 1078/CPSC/TÜV GS 05/2011 very good Features ensure an excellent fit and total comfort 7

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 8

competence Acclaimed for outstanding performance and innovation Winning awards through innovation Our corporate vision statement defines our goals clearly across all business activities and in all markets we make the winner’s podium our target! To ensure we satisfy these demands, we strive to set new trends and standards with our products, and aim to be the of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of leader of innovation in terms of our corporate strategy and Economics, Vienna yielded amazing results, such that uvex structure. uvex is happy to be compared with others. was...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 9

Safety Eyewear Innovative in both design and functionality

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 10

competence Manufacturing and technologi uvex industrial health and safety – the systems provider with world class manufacturing expertise 80% of our entire net output is produced in our own manufacturing plants, where we combine the very latest technology with the power of innovation and years of experience. Our quality management systems meet the very highest requirements and all plants are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. 10 At its main location in the Bavarian city of Fuerth, the uvex safety group has brought together its expertise in safety...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 11

competence cal expertise The uvex product development team works to put ideas into practice and bring projects to life. All uvex products exceed the requirements of the relevant standards. The mechanical and optical properties of our products are subject to continuous testing in our laboratory and our unique, high performance coating systems are developed and produced in-house. The uvex safety group’s quality standards are exemplary a key part of which is our environmental mission statement, which is binding at all our sites, and forms a core part of company policy. 11

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 12

3D uvex i-3 – a new dimension in protective eyewear These innovative protective spectacles are designed to fit the face perfectly. The flexible side arms with variable inclination can be individually adjusted, while the integrated Softflex zone ensures outstanding wearer comfort for any head width. The extremely soft Softflex nose piece ensures that when worn for long periods, the spectacles remain comfortable, do not press on sensitive areas and remain firmly in place. Soft ear pieces and the Softflex zone at the temples ensure a secure fit in all situations. Inclination Variable side-arm...

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uvex Experience Innovation Catalogue 2013 - 13

3D uvex 3D – intelligent ergonomics A new dimension in wearer comfort y x z uvex 3D is setting new benchmarks for fit and wearer comfort: the innovative product system stands out for its perfect ergonomic design, which affords extreme flexibility for adaptation to the human anatomy. The highest degree of functionality combined with optimum wearer comfort: uvex 3D products take individuality into account and offer a perfect fit for every situation – this is the best basis for professional and safe protective equipment. 13

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