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Safety Footwear - 2

Manufacturing and technological expertise uvex industrial health and safety – the systems provider with world class manufacturing expertise 80 % of our entire net output is produced in our own manufacturing plants, where we combine the very latest technology with the power of innovation and years of experience. Our quality management systems meet the very highest requirements and all of our plants are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. The SBU’s leading-edge technology centre is located in Ceva, Italy and is committed to producing the highestquality...

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Safety Footwear - 3

In a centralised technology centre at the company’s headquarters, we work to develop new, pioneering technologies and innovative, top-quality products for our customers.

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Safety Footwear - 4

uvex i-performance Next Level Equipment Newly defining performance The uvex i-performance product system supports the natural movement of the human body, reducing out on the basis of the latest physiological research pressure and stresses while also maximising and technology, thereby ensuring maximum perfor- Continuous development of our products is carried mance with quantifiable product benefits.

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Safety Footwear - 5

uvex 1 Driven by requirements. uvex 1 safety shoes protect and support the natural movement of the human body. The pressure and stresses on the musculoskeletal system at work are reduced on the basis of the latest physiological research and innovative technology, optimising wearer comfort. The ergonomic lightweight design creates the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Exceptional design. Perfect style. uvex 1 models 8512 and 8543 were given the international Red Dot Design Award 2013. Comment by the jury: “The appearance of the uvex 1 slots fashionably in between work shoe and...

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Safety Footwear - 6

uvex motion carbon 10,000 m² high-tech function for excellent comfort Carbon is one of the most versatile, innovative and high performance materials currently available. The uvex motion carbon is not only ultra functional, but also boasts leading-edge design. Integrated into the shaft, the hightech adsorptive material SARATECH® ensures significant permanent reductions in unpleasant odours. Combined with uvex climazone temperature regulation technology, it also reduces perspiration. The SARATECH® adsorptive carbon beads are permanently embedded in the lining and do not pose a hazard to...

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Safety Footwear - 7

uvex climazone Innovative climate management To effectively improve the climate in an occupational safety system, it is essential to analyse all relevant factors and investigate and understand their mode of operation. Are your feet too hot or too cold? Is excess perspiration making you feel unwell? Perfect temperature regulation is especially important in the field of safety footwear. uvex has been researching climate issues for a long time. In collaboration with wellknown institutes such as PFI (Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute), the Kaiserslautern Technical College or the...

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Safety Footwear - 8

Comfortable insoles uvex 1 · uvex 3D hydroflex® foam uvex 1 The comfortable uvex 1 insole provides the foot with exceptional, full-surface shock absorption and ensures comfort in high-strain zones. • Ultra breathable and moisture-absorbing materials • Shock absorption zones that assist natural movement • Non-irritating, comfortable surface structure uvex 3D hydroflex® foam The comfortable uvex 3D hydroflex® foam insole provides the foot with exceptional, full-surface shock absorption. Additional shock-absorbing elements in the heel and under the front of the foot ensure comfort in...

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Safety Footwear - 9

Safety Footwear Standards · Labels Labelling Manufacturer’s identification mark Manufacturer’s type dsignation Article number Number of European standard Symbol for protection Footwear symbols for industrial usage Basic requirements/additional requirements/ categories e.g. for leather shoes Basic requirements for shoes and impact resistance of toecaps Additional requirements: Closed seat region Antistatic properties Energy absorption of seat region Fuel resistance Additional requirements: as above, plus Water penetration and absorption Additional requirements: as above, plus Penetration...

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Safety Footwear - 10

Next Level Equipment uvex 1 – redefining performance Driven by needs. Comfort in 3 dimensions. Feet are the body’s high performance platform. Continuous exposure to potential harmful influences, such as standing for long periods or walking on hard ground, can have a negative effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, reducing wellbeing and performance. The uvex 1 safety footwear range effectively prevents fatigue and supports lasting comfort due to innovative design which provides the wearer with optimum shock absorption, ergonomically and anatomically shaped sole units. Permanent...

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Safety Footwear - 11

Statement by the jury “The appearance of the uvex 1 shoe is stylishly posited between work and casual shoe. It is well manufactured and provides outstanding wearing comfort.” Omit but don‘t miss out. Working with less means focusing on the essentials. Unnecessary weight is removed in order to measurably increase comfort. Lighter elements, reduced material use, leading edge manufacturing processes and optimised climate management all help to maximise individual wearer comfort and improve performance. Lasting wearer comfort increases wearer wellbeing. The key is to provide optimal fit...

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Safety Footwear - 12

Safety Footwear uvex 1 uvex 1 · Sandal 8542 S1 SRC Sporty, multifunctional safety shoe • Extremely lightweight and flexible • The latest generation of 100% metal-free uvex xenova® toe cap • Compact design, anatomical shape, good side and ankle twist stability, no thermal conductivity and antimagnetic properties • Made with the latest technology for extended wearing comfort • uvex climazone technology helps regulate the internal shoe temperature for optimum wearer comfort • Breathable, perforated high-tech micro velour upper material • Distance mesh lining provides optimum breathability •...

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