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Safety Eyewear protecting people

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Safety Eyewear - 2

Focus on innovation and quality uvex eye protection centre of expertise Whether you need safety glasses, goggles, prescription spectacles or laser protection eyewear: In Fürth, Bavaria, uvex develops and produces innovative safety eyewear that meets the highest quality standards. erfüllen. Innovative coating technologies are one of uvex’s core competencies, resulting in first-class, highly practical industrial safety eyewear that are perfectly equipped for their intended area of use. The uvex plant is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011, and uses state-of-the-art...

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Safety Eyewear - 3

Perfect vision for maximum safety uvex coating expertise The quality of the lens coating: an absolutely crucial element of safety eyewear Looking through lenses that are fogged up, scratched or dirty significantly increases the risk of accidents during the work day. uvex has been synonymous with pioneering coating technologies for decades: In our centre of expertise in Fürth, we develop and produce innovative lenses and coatings for a multitude of applications. Two sides of the lens — two sets of requirements The unique manufacturing process makes the difference: Unlike conventional...

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Safety Eyewear - 4

uvex supravision excellence • uvex has a unique process of applying different coatings to each side of the lens, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency • the outside of the lens, which is prone to dirt and abrasion, has an extremely scratch- and chemical-resistant coating • highly effective anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens where it is needed most • anti-fog properties are permanent and won’t wash off, even after repeated cleaning • areas of application: suitable for a wide range of workplace applications uvex supravision plus • permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant...

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Safety Eyewear - 5

uvex Coating technology uvex supravision sapphire • both sides are exceptionally scratch- and chemical-resistant • uvex Easy-to-Clean effect makes lenses less susceptible to dirt • areas of application: rugged, dusty and/or dirty environments

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Safety Eyewear - 6

Special coatings uvex supravision extreme The lenses have a scratch-resistant coating on the outside and a highly effectively anti-fog coating on the inside. The inside of the lenses will not fog up as the coating never reaches the point of saturation. The anti-fog properties are permanent and won’t wash off, even after repeated cleaning. Suitable for workplaces with prolonged exposure to high levels of condensation and dirt. uvex supravision ETC (extreme temperature conditions) Coated lenses will not fog up, as the coating never reaches the point of saturation. The anti-fog properties are...

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Safety Eyewear - 7

Field(s) of use (where applicable) none without mechanical strength (filters only) S increased strength (filters only) B medium energy impact (120 m/s) A high energy impact (190m/s) T tested at extreme temperatures (-5°C and +55°C) Designation Description of application areas none General use Non specific mechanical risks, risks due to UV and/or visible IR light 3 Liquids Liquids (droplets and splashes) 4 Coarse dust particles Dust with > 5 pm grain size 5 Gas and fine dust particles Gas, vapour, mist, smoke, and dust with < 5 pm grain size 8 Short circuit electric arc Electric arc due to...

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Safety Eyewear - 8

Lens tinting A lens solution for every light environment AMBER Protection: UV400 UV/marking: 2(C)-1.2 Transmission: approx. 88% Standards: EN 166, EN 170 Anti-glare mechanical hazard protection with enhanced c ontrast effect CBR 65 Protection: UV400 Marking: 5-1.4 Transmission: 65% Standards: EN 166, EN 172 CLEAR Protection: UV400 UV/marking: 2(C)-1.2 Transmission: approx. 91% Standards: EN 166, EN 170 Protection offering relaxing, focused vision uvex sportstyle (p. 29) uvex pheos cx2 (p. 30) uvex super f OTG (p. 64) uvex pheos cx2 sonic (p. 50) AR (anti-reflective) Anti-glare mechanical...

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Safety Eyewear - 9

Protection: UV400 Marking: 5-2.5 Transmission: 20% Standards: EN 166, EN 172 Protection against natural glare with signal colour recognition and increased contrast effect Protection: UV400 Marking: 5-3.1 Transmission: 14% Standards: EN 166, EN 172 Reduction of irritating surface r eflection by ltering fi scattered light uvex polavision (p. 43) tint with contrast adjustment recommended Lens tinting uvex i-vo (p. 59), uvex skyper (p. 41), uvex ultrasonic (p. 53) Protection: UV400 Marking: 5-1.7 Transmission: 53% Standards: EN 166, EN 172 SILVER MIRROR 12% Protection in changing light...

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Safety Eyewear - 10

uvex UV400 100% UV protection. 100% safety. 100% uvex. The EN166/170 standard requires safety eyewear to provide UV protection up to 380 nm. The latest scientific findings show that this is not enough. The WHO recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. “The reasons why the WHO recommends UV400 protection are clear. The outer tissues of the eye, cornea and lens fully absorb UV light. While UVB light primarily damages the genetic material, UVA rays penetrate deeper, cause thermal damage and magnify the effects of UVB light.” Even without sun, UV rays can still put strain on the eye When working...

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Safety Eyewear - 11

uvex CBR65 Fatigue-free, comfortable vision Preventive protection against blue light The properties of uvex CBR65 lens technology are significantly different to those of uvex UV400. uvex CBR65 blocks 100% of UV rays and filters high-energy visible light (HEV)-which causes particular strain on the retina in the range from 380 nm to 450 nm-by up to 50%. Above the 450 nm range, only 60-70% of light can reach the retina. Contrast 50% blue light reduction at 450 nm Contrast enhancement Better contrast for clearer vision, helping to reduce strain on the eyes - even in diffused light. Blue light...

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Safety Eyewear - 12

uvex i-5 detailed – modern – trusted Reliable protection thanks to the innovative and modern design: with its x-tended eyeshield and sideshield, the uvex i-5 can be relied on to protect the eyes in any situation. Sophisticated features ensure superior wearer comfort even during long periods of use. Three-stage inclination allows easy adjustment to any facial shape x-tended sideshield provides optimum protection around the sides of the eyes x-tended eyeshield provides greater protection against particles, dust and dirt uvex supravision coating technology x-twist technology for flexible and...

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