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Safety Eyewear - 2

Manufacturing and technological expertise uvex industrial health and safety – the systems provider with world class manufacturing expertise 80% of our entire net output is produced in our own manufacturing plants, where we combine the very latest technology with the power of innovation and years of experience. Our quality management systems meet the very highest requirements and all plants are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. At its main location in the Bavarian city of Fuerth, the uvex safety group has brought together its expertise in safety...

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Safety Eyewear - 3

The uvex product development team works to put ideas into practice and bring projects to life. All uvex products exceed the requirements of the relevant standards. The mechanical and optical properties of our products are subject to continuous testing in our laboratory and our unique, high performance coating systems are developed and produced in-house. The uvex safety group’s quality standards are exemplary a key part of which is our environmental mission statement, which is binding at all our sites, and forms a core part of company policy.

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Safety Eyewear - 4

uvex i-performance Next Level Equipment Newly defining performance The uvex i-performance product system supports Constant product development is carried out on the natural movement of the human body, reducing the basis of the latest physiological research and pressure and stress while also maximising comfort. technology, thereby ensuring maximum performance with quantifiable product benefits.

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Safety Eyewear - 5

uvex i-3 AR Ensuring the eyes are also wide awake. uvex i-3 AR are innovative safety spectacles with anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lenses. The high light conductivity ensures perfect vision at all times, for example when reading test parameters or working with highly reflective components. Strain on the eyes is reduced and the wearer will find it easier to focus. These spectacles are particularly suitable for workplaces with a combination of artificial and natural light. In combination with exceptional wearer properties, this means the uvex i-3 AR has all the prerequisites of...

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Safety Eyewear - 6

Technology Properties · Lens tinting UV 400 All polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection up to 400 nm, regardless of lens tint. Suitable for use with prescription glasses Design shaping ensures there are no pressure points. Lightweight Ultra light for permanent wearer comfort. So light that you can wear them all day long. Individual side-arm inclination Adjustable side-arm inclination guarantees that uvex safety eyewear can adapt to fit any head shape, ensuring higher wearer acceptance. The highest optical quality in accordance with EN 166 Freedom from distortion prevents the symptoms...

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Safety Eyewear - 7

Labelling and norms Marking on frame Certification mark Symbol for resistance to high speed particles (where applicable) without mechanical strength (filters only) increased strength (filters only) Mechanical strength Field(s) of use (where applicable) Designation medium energy impact (120 m/s) high energy impact (190 m/s) Description of application areas Non specific mechanical risks, risks due to UV and/or visible IR light Liquids (droplets and splashes) Coarse dust particles Dust with > 5 µm grain size Gas and fine dust particles Gas, vapour, mist, smoke, and dust with < 5 µm grain size...

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Safety Eyewear - 8

Coating technology uvex optidur · uvex infradur uvex optidur coated lenses have the same properties on both sides. Lenses coated with uvex optidur NCH are extremely scratch-resistant and are also highly resistant to chemicals. The lacquer system features nanotechnology, which considerably increases the non-stick properties of the lens making them easier to clean. As a result, water-based and oily marks can be removed effortlessly. Lenses coated with uvex optidur 4C PLUS are non-fogging, scratch-resistant on both sides and anti-static. The anti-fog coating is permanent and won’t wash off....

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Safety Eyewear - 9

Coating technology uvex supravision uvex supravision coated lenses have different features on both sides – permanent anti-fogging properties inside, extreme scratch-resistance outside. Lenses coated with uvex supravision HC-AF are anti-fog on the inside and extremely scratch resistant on the outside, as well as resistant to chemicals. The nano clean effect ensures that the lenses are very easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt. Lenses coated with uvex supravision performance are scratch resistant on the outside and the antifogging properties on the inside are twice the strength of uvex...

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Safety Eyewear - 10

uvex i-3 Taking the wearer experience to a new level The wearer should not conform to the product – the product should conform to the wearer! uvex understands that each safety spectacle wearer is unique and this is central to our design philosophy of developing products which can be adapted to individual needs. The uvex i-3 with its innovative features, is the perfect example of an all wearer spectacle combining functionality and comfort with a high level of protection. Metal-free construction The newest injection-moulding technology is used in the production process. Three materials are...

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Safety Eyewear - 11

Safety Spectacles uvex i-3 A new dimension in protective eyewear • Wearer comfort for all head widths • Adjusts for any face shape • Flexible side arms with variable inclination • Soft ear pieces • Integrated Softflex zone for different head widths • Softflex nose piece with flexible adjustment • Pressure-free fit, even when worn for extended periods • Secure fit • 100% metal free Art. no. 9190.275 Colour anthracite/blue Lens PC clear/UV 2C-1.2 uvex supravision HC-AF Art. no. 9190.070 Colour graphite/olive Lens PC clear/UV 2C-1.2 uvex optidur NCH Art. no. 9190.145 Colour orange/light blue...

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Safety Eyewear - 12

uvex astrospec 2.0 A new style of guaranteed protection The next generation of our best seller: uvex astrospec 2.0 is the new improved version of the world’s most popular uvex safety spectacles. The new design in a range of fashionable colours features pioneering technology to ensure maximum wearer acceptance, providing guaranteed protection in any situation. The wide panorama lens offers optimum protection, with different uvex coatings depending on the area of application. The ergonomic construction with flexible 2K side arms and ventilation system with a labyrinth seal ensure optimum...

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