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Hearing Protection

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Only those who suffer from hearing loss really understand just how essential a good sense of hearing is and that protecting it should be a top priority. Hearing Protection All ears when it comes to safety Noise-induced hearing loss is still one of the most common occupational hazards of all. It develops painlessly, is progressive and generally goes unnoticed. It is the fact that it’s irreversible which makes it so serious. The risk to hearing and the importance of hearing protection are often recognised too late. Loud sounds which comprise noise not only pose a risk to hearing but can also...

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Hearing Protection - 3

Hearing Protection EN standards Tests and standards All uvex hearing protection products comply with the CE standard and have been tested in accordance with the applicable European standards in line with current EU legislation. Continuous quality assurance with ISO 9001/2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Applicable DIN EN norms are: • EN 352: Part 1 Ear muffs • EN 352: Part 2 Ear plugs • EN 352: Part 3 Ears muffs attached to a safety helmet Signal recognition When a risk assessment is carried out by a Health and Safety professional or e xternal qualified service provider the result determines the...

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Hearing Protection - 4

Hearing protection Size and fit Everyone’s ear canal is unique — much like a fingerprint. Which is why it’s all the more important that you choose adequate and suitable hearing protection that is the correct size to achieve a good fit. uvex offers a complete range of hearing protection to ensure all wearers are able to achieve a fit that’s right for them. Choosing the wrong size can severely reduce the protection value, exposing wearers to harmful noise, and makes the ear plugs uncomfortable to wear. • f the earplugs are too large, they are unlikely to sit deep i enough in the ear canal, so...

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Hearing Protection - 5

Hearing Protection Different situations, different ears A unique design, even inside the earplugs • ntricate recess design i for long-term wearer comfort uvex xtra-fit •designed to minimise pressure in the ear canal •grip section for easy insertion and removal uvex x-fit uvex com4-fit Defined protection zone for controlled noise reduction, resulting in excellent speech and signal recognition and good communication uvex hi-com uvex xact-fit Hearing protection for every situation There are many types of uvex hearing protection which are suitable for d ifferent situations and if you work in or...

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Hearing Protection - 6

Hearing protection The uvex xact-fit family Using earplugs has never been easier No rolling required, so they can be used with dirty hands or while wearing gloves Easy, fast and accurate insertion Ergonomically shaped stems make fitting easy, hygienic, accurate and achieves a high level of wearer comfort Medium protection capacity for excellent speech and signal recognition for easy communication Thumb indentations with left and right marking ensures correct insertion and easy fitting Replacement earplugs are available, for a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice The shape...

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Hearing Protection - 7

The uvex xact-fit family A new dimension of wearer comfort The cross-section of an ear canal is oval shaped The stem is ergonomically shaped to fit either the left or right ear to increase wearer comfort and make the earplugs easier to insert and remove. The design is easily identifiable from a distance, making it easier to monitor usage in accordance with your company’s regulations. Perfect fit Oval-shaped foam earplugs mimic the natural shape of the ear canal for low pressure fit and enhanced comfort Ergonomic thumb indentations Adjustable cord The ergonomic thumb indentations with left...

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Hearing Protection - 8

Designed to minimise pressure in the ear canal Reduced risk of over protection and feelings of isolation Intricate recess design for long-term wearer comfort Large surface area delivers softer acoustics and absorbs inner ear sounds which can become obvious when wearing hearing protection in quieter areas Defined protection zone for controlled noise reduction, resulting in excellent speech and signal recognition and good communication Grip recess for easy removal Refill boxes for uvex “one2click” dispenser on page 86 uvex hi-com • delivers low, flat attenuation allowing for excellent speech...

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Hearing Protection - 9

• disposable earplugs with a compact, ergonomic design • perfect for narrow and smaller ear canals • suitable for use in high noise environments • patented x-grip technology reduces pressure on the ear canal and aids easy, hygienic removal • increased wearing comfort, when worn for extended periods • additional requirement: W, X, S, V, E1 uvex x-fit • tapered plug shape ensures natural, pressure free fit - maximising comfort and protection levels • suitable for use in high noise environments • patented x-grip technology reduces pressure on the ear canal and aids easy, hygienic removal •...

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Hearing Protection - 10

uvex dispenser “one2click” • Easy-to-use and robust hearing protection dispenser with two different mounting options • Earplugs available to hand with just one click • ensures hygienic dispensing whenever it's needed • magnetic wall mount requires no drilling • can be refilled even if the container is not empty • Collecting tray prevents earplugs from falling on the floor • Suitable for all uvex disposable earplugs • Quantities: 600 pairs (xtra-fit 500 pairs) • Magnetic variant for flexible use on all magnetic surfaces (2112988) • stationary wall mounting using screws (2112000) • Magnetic...

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Hearing Protection - 11

Hearing Protection Making the right choice is essential What level of protection is required? Objective: noise level – SNR value Noise levels in the workplace must be measured first in order to determine what level of protection is required. The Health and Safety p rofessional or external qualified service providers should conduct tests using approved test equipment. The objective when choosing suitable hearing protection is to achieve an ffective residual noise level of between 70 dB and 80 dB for the e wearer. The continuous noise level and, if necessary, the peak emission noise level are...

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