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□ Maximum effective cutting width of the fabric: 120,160 □ Maximum effective cutting length of the fabric: ♦ from 3 to 20 meters on stationary work-table ♦ 6 meters and greater (in 2-meter modules) on dynamic work-table (conveyor belt) □ Interpolated axes cutting'2': by blade, ultrasound, or laser □ Marking'21: marker, ink-jet or laser □ Type of materials that can be processed12': plastic; cloths, synthetic fabrics, spongy fabrics, carpeting; paper, sandpaper, cardboard; wood, plywood, particle board; metals'01; carbon fiber; polyurethanefoam; glass. □ Plastic materials that can be processed'21: cellulose acetate (CA), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyoxymethylene (acetalic POM), polycarbonate (PC), polyester PET (i.e. Mylar® m), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene terephthalate glycol modified (PETG), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) (i.e. Plexiglas® m), polyvinyl butyral (PVB), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester • dynamic horizontal storage space for storing up to 100 rolls, with automatic search function11' • automatic system for the continuous feed and discharge of ♦ self-centering system for squaring control • computer for: managing cutting orders, calculating and managing of fabrics and sheets, storing the production types, network connection, CAD for generating the cutting templates, optimization of the cutting of fabrics and sheets (nesting), importing photographic images (.bmp format) ♦ "Exactor" exclusive viewing system"1 ♦ Remote support via Internet 1) VACUUM SYSTEM - longitudinal and transversal sections, with automatic control of valves the opening/closing, according to length ^ 2) Laser cut on a STAINLESS STEEL 3) HIGH-RESISTANCE plastic base suitable for mechanical cutting 4) Increased holes to improve adherence of the material...More than 120.000 holes on the working base! 5) Intake system on chain to remove I| fumes and laser barriers with brake-in* system, for your SAFETY " A UNO TEC reserves the right to confirm performance and specifications of the machine (type of cut and marking, dimension of table and productivity, accessories and equipment required) on tests performed with the materials supplied by the |Ji Mylar is a registered trademark of DuPont. * Plexiglas5 is a registered trademark of Altuglas - Arkema. " Higher power of laser is available according to points [2] and [6]. It! A UNO TEC reserves the right to confirm capability to process materials (such as: steel, Stainless Steel, aluminium, bronze, and nickel), also according to point [2]. A UNO TEC can evaluate requests of customised versions of the Design and specifications are subject to change without prior For more than 30 y ears A UNO TEC srl has been designing and man ufacturing high-tech, innovative and reliable machines, systems and accessories, dedicated to the automation of production and packaging processes for many industries, such as: Food, Mechanical, Medical, Pharmaceutical. The experience acquired in the manufacturing of customised solutions for a multinational clientele, allows A UNO TEC to support customer from drawing up the specifications, designing and building the machines, as far as granting a prompt after-sale technical support. Since 2005 A UNO TEC is part of the Di Quattro Group ( 41037 Mirandola (Modena) Italy e-mail: w$tv 'the' j^ve&tvyv&iA' ct^i- ■ur^rvovatiorv C&£*<e<>tii$<<^, Orut'tkariMsi' "to "the* S£v&y^$v oj{ ieXr^f. ^tot^fc*. The R50 Series CAD-CAM Cutting Plotter has been designed for the squaring, cutting, and forming of: • Technical materials and fabrics from rolls • Sheets of rigid and semi-rigid materials The versatility of the R50, combined with its ease-of-use, compactness, repeatability,sturdiness and low-maintenance, guarantee the maximum flexibility in order to satisfy both industrial production (large volumes with little variety in the semi-finished products) as well as small-business and prototype production (low volumes with large variety in the semi-finished products).

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The R50 Series can be used for applications involving the cutting of semi-finished products in different fields, such as: • Sun shielding: awnings, hi-tech blinds, roller blinds, large coverings, gazebos, and pressure-controlled covers. • Medical & pharmaceutical industries: bags, containers, filtering surfaces. • Food industry: filtering surfaces, packaging. items of clothing made with synthetic leather, • Furnishing: armchairs, couches, carpets, rugs, non- slip rugs, furniture, wall hangings, screens. • Automotive industry: trucks, sound absorbing ■ Packaging: foam shapes for • Building:...

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