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Automated Systems for the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics elds Automation for the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics elds is designed and built by A UNO TEC to be used primarily in clean-rooms. Therefore, materials such as AISI 316, Stainless Steel and inert plastics (Delrin®(1), Teon®(1), and Polizene®) are employed on the parts that come into contact with the parts to be assembled. A UNO TEC machines have the following main features and advantages: customization of the design according to customer’s parts to be assembled built-in monitoring and testing systems (pressure, perviousness, ow rate, etc.) possibility to choose among the many assembly techniques experienced (ultrasonic welding, radio frequency welding, solvent dispensing, bonding, winding, fastening, riveting, screw driving, tube cutting, cutting, die cutting, bending, handling soft tubing, etc.) cutting and marking with laser technology of materials and tissues: a technique that combines high precision with the possibility of never coming into contact with the material that is processed. repeatability of the dimensional t tolerances possibility of excluding the assembly of specic components for a version change PLC with touch-screen operator interface with possibility to interface machine with the LAN and remote machine servicing little routine maintenance required. (1) Delrin® and Teon® are DuPont registered trademarks. Company Profile A UNO TEC s.r.l. Via S. Faustino, 110 41037 Mirandola (Modena) Italy Tel.: +39 0535 24218 Fax: +39 0535 609607 e-mail: We design our future with the experience of our past, with the freshness of our innovation capability, and thanks to the strength of being a Group. For more than 30 years A UNO TEC srl has been designing and manufacturing high-tech, innovative and reliable machines, systems and accessories, dedicated to the automation of production and packaging processes for many industries, such as: Food, Mechanical, Medical, Pharmaceutical. The experience acquired in the manufacturing of customised solutions for a multinational clientele, allows A UNO TEC to support customer from drawing up the specications, designing and building the machines, as far as granting a prompt after-sale technical support. Since 2005 A UNO TEC is part of the Di Quattro Group ( Customized solutions Many assembly and components handling techniques • State-of-the art technology in soft tube processing • Laser cutting and marking of materials and tissues • Built-in monitoring and testing systems • User-friendly operator interface • Possibility of LAN connection and remote servicing • Construction materials suitable for use in clean-room • Little routine maintenance ... and much more

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for Components and Tubing Assembly Automatic components assembly machine re. nominal productivity Male luer-lock connector with rotating ring nut for blood lines: male luer-lock connector housing + rotating ring nut + cap Infusion line terminal: adaptor connector + flashball connector + male luer-lock connector + cap Blood lines transducer protection filter (blood catcher): upper housing + hydrophobic membrane + lower housing + snap-off connector Infusion drip chamber filter: connector housing + hydrophobic membrane Expansion chamber / drip chamber for blood lines: chamber housing + pressed...

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