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High Security Bolt Seal Physical Strength Pulling load resistance ISO 17712 classification Over 19 kN Grade H: High Security Seal (suitable for C-TPAT operations) Compliant with new ISO FDIS 17712 Material and Dimensions Barrel Core Coating Overall Pin Core Coating Head Sealing length Sealed unit total length Low Carbon Steel, 18 mm diameter ABS 22,5 mm long x 24 mm large x 31 mm high Carbon Steel, 8 mm diameter ABS 20 mm diameter 45,0 mm 82,0 mm Colours and Printing Marking zone Printing type Printing specifications Customer ID Numbering Standard colours Packaging 25 mm x 18 mm Laser First line: Customer ID, Second line: Numbering Alphanumeric and B&W graphic logo Alphanumeric with double numbering on pin head Light Green, Light blue, Orange, Yellow, White, Grey Bundle Seals per carton Carton dimensions Carton weight 10 individual bags per band 200 pieces in 10 bands 400 mm x 250 mm x 160 mm Approx. 11 kg Universeal Universeal reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice Copyright 1978-2012 © Universeal International / Universeal, the Universeal logo and «Locktainer» are trademarks of Universeal International

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