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Printed Industrial Tags Our custom printed tags provide solutions for wide-ranging industrial applications - such as tagging of machinery, electrical equipment, hazards, fixtures and fittings. Tags provide an effective, cost-efficient method of identification, warning and maintenace auditing across industry. We offer two main categories: engraved 3mm thick laminate, and 0.5mm thin, tear-resistant polypropylene. Engraved 3mm ID and Warning Tags. All engraved tags are made of 3mm thick engraving laminate, for a robust and durable solution. Each one includes a fixing hole for easy attachment. Tags are available in many different shapes and sizes, and we can customise in many different colours for colour-coded ID systems and 1-3 lines of text (tag-dependent). Printed 0.5mm Polypropylene Tags. Ourtags are manufactured in 0.5mm thick polypropylene, which is a tear resistant, malleable material, and can be printed with your own details. The minimum quantity pack size is 500, and we offer these in four standard tag sizes with a fixing hole, printed on one side.

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