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Specification Sheet The CB03 wheel cable lockout provides an effective lock out solution for all manner of valves, and isolators, circuit breaker panels and many more applications - its flexible and lightweight design lends itself well to any awkward or confined space application. Lockout products ensure that all energy sources are secured in the ‘off’ position while essential inspection and maintenance is undertaken. They are particularly effective for safely locking out a series of valves in one operation. The CB01 are supplied with a flexible and durable multi-strand stainless steel cable with an insulating clear plastic covering. Lockout cables are produced in a 2m length as standard, but are available with any custom length required, depending on your particular requirements. Material Applications Cable Diameter Features Customisation Options Industrial durable nylon with insulation-coated stainless steel rope All varieties of isolation points, including gate valves, "T" valve handles, electrical disconnects, and much more. 4mm diameter cable, with loop end Up to 8 lockout padlocks can be used in the device body for multiple lockout applications. Custom length cable option, and custom device colours available including red, yellow and green colours for traffic light indication Red as standard - other colours available from factory Cartons of 78pcs as standard Weight and dimensions on request Available Colours Packaging Field House, Park Road, Cheshire CW6 9DE Tel: (01829) 760000 Fax: (01829) 760011 sales@universeal.co.uk | www.universeal.co.uk

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