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Product family Rotating pneumatic cylinders Compact cylinders STRONG 0 32 63 mm with inter-axes, centering Kb diameters and rods according to ISO 6431 w-yr\ Compact cylinders STRONG 0 32 4- 63 mm . with integrated VDMA valve BD... series R V

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Thanks to the accurate rounded design and the overall linearity, these cylinders are used in those industrial sectors (food & beverages, pharmaceuticals) where technological reliability and easy cleaning are required. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Fluid: filtered air, lube or non lube Barrel: stainless steel with crimped heads, and piston rod in stainless steel. Standard strokes (see table page 4) Max speed: up to 2 m/sec. without adjustable cushion up to 5 m/sec. with adjustable pneumatic Upon request - Magnetic version 0 10 25 mm. Magnetic sensor series DH-...(section accessories page 2) (for...

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Main construction features • Stainless steel barrel AISI 304. • Anodized aluminium extrusion heads, • Mechanical rubber shock absorbers standard mounted on • Adjustable pneumatic cushioning with adjustment • Seals in self-lubricating nitrile • Piston bearing in acetalic resin: Rolled rod in stainless steel XIOCrNi S 18.09 (AISI 303) Microcylinders are supplied with nut on the rod Single-acting microcylinder Double-acting microcylinder > Version with pneumatic cushioning UNIVER is able to supply the cylinders with stroke variations of one millimeter (intermediate strokes) or strokes...

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Overall dimensions 0 8 -s- 25 mm according to ISO 6432 Double/single-acting cylinder Double-acting through rod cylinder * The series with dimensions in inches is chosen in compliance with UNI-ISO 228/1 standard

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Microcylinders reduced version (rear end-cap) Double-acting cylinder Series 350 with cushioning 016-20-25 mm Double acting cylinder with standard air Double-acting cylinder with rear supply Single-acting cylinders retracted piston rod piston rod 016-25 mm, both with standard Single-acting cylinder retracted piston-rod with rear supply 010 -s- 25 mm * The series in inches is according to UNI-ISO 228/1

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Foot bracket in zinc-plated steel for 0 8 -s- 25 mm (MS 3) Flange in zinc-plated steel for 0 8 -s- 25 mm (MF8)

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Rear female hinge in zinc-plated steel 0 8 -s- 25 mm with pin and 2 circlips Nut for zinc-plated steel head

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Accessories for microcylinders ISO 6432 with male piston rod Double hinge in zinc-plated steel with pin for ISO 8140 rod Articulated self-lubricating fork in zinc-plated steel Fork with axially mounted articulated pin Fork with angle-mounted articulated pin

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Pneumatic cylinders 0 32 -T- 200 mm according to ISO 6431 and VDMA 24562 with adjustable cushioning UNIVER pneumatic cylinders which comply with ISO 6431 and VDMA 24562 standards, take advantage of the improvements arising from the research of the last years; infact, they can fully satisfy the most demanding users. The operation with non-lubricated air is worth mentioning, since it allows their use in many industrial sectors while protecting the environment. The strong construction and the selected components contribute to giving them excellent operating features and a very long life....

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Cylinder with pneumatic cushioning 0 32 v 200 Stroke tolerances NOTE 1: "KK" and "AM" dimensions correspond to ISO 4359 "long" type ■ Dimensions to specifications, upon request * 0 160 and 0 200 cyl., execution with aluminum tube and steel tie-rods K series cylinder mass NOTE 2: "EE" dimensions are in inches and are chosen according to ISO 228/1 standard KD series cylinder mass

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Tandem cylinder Tandem cylinders are constructed using two pistons coupled together which provide double the force in forward movement compared to the traditional ISO cylinders of the same bore size (refer to tables on page 11). VDMA 24562 magnetic version 1A double thrust only for forward movement 1D double thrust only for reverse movement 2D double thrust only for reverse movement M = magnetic version upon request for Two-position tandem cylinder Two-position cylinders with two independent piston-rods which allow to realizea double positioning in which thethrustforcesarethe same as those...

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Opposed cylinder' Type of cylinder characterized by the coupling of two and whose piston rods move in K-c opposite directions. The values of the thrust force are the same as those of the traditional 1 cylinders (see tables on page 11). VDMA24562 magnetic version standard 1C Double-acting opposed cylinder male rod in stainless steel 2C Double-acting opposed cylinder male rod in chromium-plated steel M = magnetic version upon request for K series with long cushioing Type of cylinders 0 40-50-63 mm deriving from K and KD series supplied with long internal cushionings to be used for opening and...

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Hinge (female) in die-cast aluminium ISO MP2 with pin, MP4 (male) without pin Female rear hinge Male rear hinge Front/rearflange in zinc-plated steel, ISO MF1-MF2 (VDMA standard upon request) Rear assembly Front assembly * Non-standard dimension

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Mounting elements (without fixing screws) Angle bracket in zinc-plated steel ISO MS1 Intermediate hinge ISO MT4 with fixing grub screws (bores 160/200 assembled on tie-rods) NOTE: the dimension XV + 1/2 stroke indicates the position of the hinge between the end-caps of the cylinder. Dimensions of ISO MS1 angle bracket Dimensions of ISO MT4 hinge for K series * Non-standard dimension

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Mounting elements and fixing screws for accessories Pin in zinc-plated steel with 2 circlips Piston rod locknut (zinc-plated steel) Fixing screws for accessories mounting elements

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Mounting elements for ISO 6431 cylinders with male piston rod Female fork with clips in zinc-plated steel for piston rod according to ISO 8140 standard with pin Articulated self-lubricating fork in zinc plated steel Fork with axially mounted articulated pin Fork with angle-mounted articulated pin

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Double-acting pneumatic rotary actuators 0 32 -M 25 mm with adjustable cushioning The UNIVER rotary actuator incorporates several technology features which provide a higher degree of accuracy and reliability. The robust mechanical design expands application possibilities within modern day automation. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Fluid: filtered air with or without lubrication Cylinder barrel: aluminium extrusion, internally and externally anodized Rack backlash recovery Rotating pinion supported by ball bearings Multiply the value in the table by the operating pressure Rotation angle 11 Male...

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