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MULTI-CHAMBER DRUM LAMIFLEX CASING Our various drum solutions ensure that your goods are packed and processed in the best way possible. When cables are used in rooms with specific hygiene regulations, we can dispatch your goods on polypropylene drums. The multi-chamber drum can be used for stranding at your construction site. Typically, a material with the same length (e.g. 3 x 500 m) is wound on to this drum. For large drums with a flange diameter of 160 cm or more, free transport racks will be provided for secure transportation and easy handling. Lamiflex casing for seaworthy transport ensures your goods receive maximum protection against external influences such as moisture, UV radiation and insects. LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS How to efficiently handle cable drums and cable rings » Other logistics services KANBAN ON-SITE HUB The On-Site Hub is a robust and customised storage container enabling optimal storage for all ordered cable accessories. The container can be assembled and fitted in accordance with your exact requirements. Our needs-based kanban solutions ensure that cables, leads, connectors and cable glands are always available in the required quantity. So you can select the right solution for your application from our array of kanban systems. We will gladly support you to find the right solution. We also offer customised labels and delivery notes. Cable sets, markings and inch-perfect cable lengths can also be customised. You will find further information on logistics solutions by LAPP at: CM O Terms of Trade: Our general conditions of sale can be downloaded from our website S ®LAPP To contact your local LAPP representative, please visit

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» Single core solutions » Single core solutions DRUM CARDBOARD Cardboard construction for LAPP drums with a flange diameter of 40 cm and a max. weight of 30 kg. Article number: 85008061 DRUM PALLET Pallet construction with built-in rollers for drums with a flange diameter of up to 90 cm and a load capacity of 500 kg. Article number: 85008062 BENEFITS Orderable with or without cable drum Stackable at job site Manual transport Protection from damage and dirt BENEFITS Orderable with our without cable drum Pallet features four-way entry Reduced risk of damage Qualified for export (IPPC...

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