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proximity curiosity performance §§ LAPP GROUP trust innovation

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Reliably Connecting the World You can’t measure customer proximity in kilometres or miles. As a family company, founded and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Lapp offers much more than a fast solution to your electrical challenges: you can be assured of personal attention from trustworthy, cooperative colleagues. The result? On-target and reliable connectivity solutions precisely tailored to your needs.

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Five individuals. Three generations. One family. Andreas Lapp, Matthias Lapp, Ursula Ida Lapp, Alexander Lapp, Siegbert Lapp.

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How we’ve developed since 1957 Founding of U.I. Lapp KG, Stuttgart, Germany IV in o O' m O' Expansion of Stuttgart site with the cable-manufacturing plants and Contact Founding of the world's first industrially produced power and control cable: OLFLEX SKINTOP® cable glands are patented Expansion to America: founding of Lapp USA Founding of additional sites in Central Europe and Scandinavia Commencing as a systems business with the founding of Lapp Systems in Stuttgart First steps onto African continent Founding of Lapp India Numerous new developments, such as EPIC® ULTRA and SKINTOP CUBE...

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Who we are. We stay up-to-date with trends and requirements, and use our skills for trailblazing innovations. Closer is better. We aim for proximity to markets and customers. proximity curiosity We keep our eyes open, build bridges between the proven and the new, and impress with our technological edge. trust Lapp – it works: Lapp traditionally stands for reliability, quality, durability and sustainability. performance The highest level of system expertise: 40,000 standard products form the basis for an infinite number of solutions.

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Innovative technology.

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Patented mandrel gripper in the logistics centre LC6

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innovation Thinking and acting with the future in mind: this is a fundamental part of Lapp’s DNA. Being successful in the long terms means building on past success. The world is moving ever faster, and the demands of the global markets are constantly changing. We are always looking out for our customers. Our finely-tuned sense of trends and markets allows us to develop products today that will be used all over the world tomorrow. While doing so, we place immense value on protecting the environment and on sustainability. TREND/HIGHLY DYNAMIC APPLICATIONS Lapp focuses on sustainability New in...

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Industrial machinery & plant engineering Automation technology Food & beverage Broad range of expertise Lapp supports many industries with short development cycles, intelligent networking and solutions from a single supplier. Industrial machinery, plant engineering and automation technology are applications running successfully with Lapp solutions for years. Our con- On track to success On December 7, 1835, the legendary “Adler” was the first steam locomotive to trundle along German soil as it made its way from Nuremberg to Fuerth. It was truly a revolution within the field of...

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Modern technologies for a modern world.

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Keeping on top of cost and energy efficiency.

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curiosity Our modern world has a great need for modern connectivity technologies. Over 600 Lapp experts worldwide are working on more and more new solutions for more and more challenges. Our R&D engineers team up with knowledgeable sales and marketing professionals to develop the best and most sustainable concepts. On-going innovation is driven by the desire for continuous improvement, together with curiosity about different ways of thinking. All while meeting goals for cost and energy efficiency. This is the expectation of our global customers. ÖLFLEX® A true classic among power and...

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Our products make connections – even to the world of tomorrow What links the new opera house in Beijing with the Øresund bridge in Scandinavia? What do the Pyramids of Giza have in common with soft drink bottling plants? What does the Rolling Stones stage technology share with the world’s largest wind power plants? It’s quite simple: they are all connected using Lapp products. To develop the best products, you must be cu- SILVYN® With the SILVYN® Chain cable protection and guiding systems, the risk posed by dust, mechanical or thermal stresses, as well as wet or chemical environments...

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Service is measured in terms of seconds.

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Customer relationships in terms of decades.

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performance Lapp is a specialist in integrated solutions for connectivity technology and is also a world-leading system provider for cables and accessories. Whether you want reduced storage costs, reliable machine times, lower maintenance costs or simply need to be able to reduce risks, Lapp system solutions are always a safe bet. Rather than tell you, we show you our many long-standing business relationships with satisfied customers and partners all over the world. Who actually likes waiting for a product, service or solution? We won’t leave you waiting, as we guarantee a quick delivery....

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Our idea of a system We accompany you on the search for sophisticated, tailored and cost-efficient connectivity solutions. With our system series ÖLFLEX® CONNECT, we provide you with an extensive selection of products for many different applications and power ranges – from product development and production, to testing and delivery ready for series production. Our project managers and system engineers work with you every step of the way. As an experienced expert in cable systems assemblies, Lapp is ready with an extensive product range and a broad scope of services, from basic assemblies...

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We’re constantly putting our products to the test.

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Along with committed and loyal employees, the greatest advantage a company has is the trust of its customers. Satisfied customers are the foundation of our company’s success. Lapp strives to be the ’go-to’ design and supply partner for our customers in every corner of the world. A trustworthy, reliable partner. As trust is earned over time, it’s our primary focus. You can be assured that customer needs come first. Always. QUALITY Recipe for success - in-house production Your demands are higher than ever. Our innovations satisfy even the strictest requirements because of our branded products...

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