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RTLS Hardware

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RTLS Hardware Smart Factory System Infrastructure The Smart Factory System uses high-precision UWB real-time location technology combined with GPS for outdoor applications. Users only need three components: Active, battery-powered transponders (tags), designed for different applications, sensors and software. The tags which have a unique ID and may, for example, be associated with production data, transmit location radio signals to sensors, which detect the signals and calculate the positions of the tags several times each second. The Ubisense software stores, processes and displays the location data in realtime for a user as well as generating events for IT or shop-floor systems. The presence mode enables tags to be identified in rooms or buildings using minimal infrastructure. Trimode tags fitted with GPS receivers may be located outdoors, transmitting their location to the Ubisense software. Timing Source Sensor Units Ethernet Ethernet Precise Real-time Location Precise Real-time Location Precise Real-time Location Precise Real-time Location Precise Real-time Location Precise Real-time Location Network and Timing Combiners Combined Signals (Cat5e STP/FTP shielded cable) STATUS CHAIN SENSOR ETHERNET Timing distribution SENSOR ETHERNET Timing Distribution Unit A simple modular infrastructure ensures that the user’s specific manufacturing and logistics needs can be optimally addressed. Ethernet Network Ubisense Platform Server Ubisense Clients

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RTLS Hardware Sensor The Series 7000 Sensor is a precision ultra-wideband (UWB) measurement device, containing an array of antennas and ultra-wideband radio receivers. The sensor detects UWB pulses from Ubisense tags, allowing the Ubisense location system to find the tags‘ positions to within +/- 30cm dependent on system configuration and environment in 3D. Sensors operate within an Ethernet environment, using standard network infrastructure and are administered remotely over the Ethernet network. Firmware is downloaded into the sensors over the network allowing them to be easily upgraded...

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