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Research Package Academic Research Package Contents Sensors: 4 x Ubisense Sensors with mounting brackets Tags: 5 x Ubisense Compact Tags 5 x Ubisense Slim Tags Software: Ubisense Location Platform A single seat of Ubisense Developer Software   Documentation: Full system documentation is provided with the development package Training: Two day installation and training program for one person at a Ubisense office Maintenance: One year system maintenance Ubisense part code: UBIKITCOMD (Academic Research Package) OVERVIEW The Ubisense Academic Research Package is an out‐of‐the‐box, Real‐ time Location System (RTLS) that can be used to track and locate assets and personnel to an accuracy of 15cm* in 3D in real‐time. It is an all‐inclusive solution for RTLS system development. The academic research package has been put together to enable a fast track into applications and systems design where location accuracy, reliability and scalability will be key to delivering industrial strength operational systems. As part of our commitment to academic success, the Ubisense Research Package is available to provide qualified students, faculty, and accredited institutions of higher learning a research and development system at a discounted price. Please contact Ubisense for more details. OPERATION Master sensor Area covered by location system Ubisense tags transmit ultra‐wideband (UWB) pulses of extremely short duration which are received by the sensors and used to determine where the tag is located using a unique combination of Time‐Difference‐of‐Arrival (TDoA) and Angle‐of‐Arrival (AoA) techniques. The use of UWB together with the unique AoA and TDoA functionality ensures both high accuracy and reliability of operation in challenging environments. Sensors are grouped into cells with additional sensors being added to a cell depending on the geometry of the area to be covered. In each cell a master sensor coordinates the activities of the other sensors and communicates with all the tags whose location is detected within the cell. By designing overlapping cells, it is possible to cover very large areas. © 2014 Ubisense. All Rights Reserved. Academic Research Package Rev 5 EN140310 *Dependent on system configuration and environment.

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Research Package Four Ubisense Series 7000 sensors are included in the research package. The sensors detect ultra‐wideband pulses transmitted by Ubisense tags which are used to accurately determine tag locations. The sensors have an array of four UWB receivers enabling them to measure both Angle‐of‐Arrival (AoA) and Time‐Difference‐of‐Arrival (TDoA) of tag signals, to generate accurate 3D tracking information even when only two sensors can detect the tag. The sensors and tags also support two‐way conventional RF communications permitting dynamic changes to tag update rates and enabling...

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