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myWorld Bringing Enterprise data and web mapping to your business. Wherever you are, Ubisense myWorld brings together enterprise data, web mapping and internet search, providing you with integrated access to the information you need to do your job. need to know. Enterprise Business just got a little easier. Key features: Integration of GE’s Smallworld™, other Enterprise and web mapping, out-of-the-box Use it in the office to support all of your operations Your network asset data, your work orders, your customer information – presented in a simple Google Maps-style view. It’s fast, it’s clear, it’s so easy to use. Use it in the field to provide the information your crews need to get the job done and to return information to the enterprise And you can use it anywhere. In the office or out in the field, online or offline. Runs on your desktop, laptop, tablet and Smart phone, in any modern web browser Have all the information on the internet at your fingertips, using Google Search, direct from myWorld . Enterprise businesses are already using myWorld to support operational decision making, provide a higher quality customer experience, and to enable their field crews to directly enter enterprise data from the field, or add red-line inspection and network updates for office QA. Keeping it Simple At Ubisense we believe in keeping things simple. myWorld is easy to use with familiar Google style, easy to deploy and easy to maintain.

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Operational Support Keeping it Simple Accessing your Smallworld™ data in myWorld is quick and easy. Using simple configuration tools, you specify the layers of data to be output and the asset information you want to share. You can use Google-style search to query and search your asset data, as well as address, street intersection and other internet data searches. Your network data will look exactly the same as it does in Smallworld. You can immediately turn on data from a number of Web Mapping suppliers including Google, Bing, and Open Street Map. Tight integration with Google Street View...

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