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IT Requirements

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Smart Factory IT Requirements CLIENT DEVICES Software Dependencies Making Mobile Easy Browser Support All Smart Factory visualisation is delivered via industry standard web browsers. Internet Explorer 9+ Chrome 26+ Android 4.1+ native browser iOS 6+ Safari Firefox 21+ MacOS – Safari 5+ Opera 15+ All web user interfaces are touch sensitive by design, giving Smart Factory applications a consistent user experience on any modern browser enabled device, including laptops, tablets and smart phones. Web Server Microsoft IIS Version 7 MS .NET Framework 4 Platform Server Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Windows 7 family Windows 8 Professional APPLICATION SERVER Mission Critical Apps Smart Factory has a service oriented architecture. The Ubisense service architecture is crash-tolerant, restart -tolerant and cluster-friendly and has been proven through years of testing in large scale real-time control applications in assembly plants, transit depots and military sites where high reliability and low latency is essential. Data Persistence MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and later Oracle 11g R2 and later Server Hardware Processors Quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors 3400 series HARDWARE SPECIFICATION The Hardware Specification outlined in this document is representative of a typical asset tracking solution where several thousand assets are being tracked over long periods of time. Hardware specification for Smart Factory is typically application-specific and Ubisense will work closely with customers to define an infrastructure specification that meets the unique needs of a Smart Factory solution. no persistence full persistence Ethernet Interface Gigabit Network Adapter Virtualisation Please contact Ubisense For further information, please contact Ubisense reserves the right to change technical specifications without prior notice. For the most up-to-date version of this fact sheet, please visit

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