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Penguin B vs Penguin C

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Penguin series long-endurance unmanned aircraft Fixed-wing / Long-endurance / Specialist

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Penguin series unmanned aircraft The Penguin is a long endurance unmanned aircraft, business in the under 55 pound class. No matter what your designed for the highest reliability, yet still extremely cost business model is — a service provider, a systems integrator efficient. The Penguin aircraft is available in two distinct or payload developer, the Penguin B or C will support the product configurations — Penguin B or Penguin C and is most demanding project requirements and will allow you to an ideal step into the long-endurance unmanned aircraft build business on your company’s core...

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Penguin Overview The Penguin B is specifically engineered as a platform The Penguin C is a turnkey unmanned aircraft system Highly versatile Full Turnkey Solution The customer integrates the autopilot, datalink, and payload Complete with a comprehensive 10-Day Training Program Can be adopted to meet the most demanding applications Flight ready after training Short lead time with standard configuration Advanced Avionics To help ease the integration process, UAV Factory offers a world-class 4 day Integrator Training Course Has the lowest logistical footprint in its class Fully Autonomous Key...

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Payload Penguin B has a swappable universal payload mount that can be removed in seconds and used for various payloads. Over 20 liters of payload volume and up to 10 kg of user-defined payload is available for your specific payload requirements. Sophisticated payloads such as retractable gimbals can be installed into the fuselage and utilize the available space efficiently. The universal payload mount has predetermined mounting points that are precisely machined in aluminum frame as well as removable ballast slugs that will simplify the payload integration process considerably. System...

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Integrated EO/IR gyro stabilized The Penguin C is available with EO/IR gyro stabilized gimbal payloads. The payload is automatically retracted into the fuselage during takeoff or landing. Penguin C is also available without the payload in order to allow customer-specific integration. Service providers Payload integrators

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UAV Factory USA LLC 50 South Buckhout Street, Irvington, NY 10533 USA Phone: +1 (914) 591 3296 Sales: UAV Factory Ltd., Europe 7 Peldu Street, Jelgava, Latvia, LV-3002 Sales: +371 20262126 Information: Sales:

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