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Datasheet v 2.1 UNMANNED PLATFORMS AND SUBSYSTEMS 6kJ & 12kJ Portable Pneumatic Catapult 6kJ or 12kJ man-portable catapult 24m/s maximum speed Designed for 1000s of launches Simple and quick assembly Smart safety features Well defined maintenance schedule The portable pneumatic catapult is designed for launching the unmanned aircraft vehicles of up to 60kg takeoff weight. The catapult features a rugged aluminum structure, which can be disassembled into a man portable transportation case. UAV Factory offers carriage customization services for client’s unmanned aircraft vehicles. Can be factory customized for client’s UAVs UAV Factory USA LLC 50 South Buckhout Street Irvington, NY 10533 USA Phone: +1 (914) 591 3070 Fax: +1 (914) 591 3715 sales@uavfactory.com

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Maximum launch speed graph: 25 Remote control box with advanced safety features: audible alarm, voltage and pressure displays, permanent launch counter. Options and accesories: Operation and maintenance training. UAV Factory offers one-day catapult operation and maintenance training. Program covers: assembly, disassembly, safety procedures, pre-launch procedure, maintenance procedures. Training includes both classroom session and hands on catapult operation session. Training can be performed at company’s facilities in Europe, USA as well as client’s facilities. Integrated compressor with...

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