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Semi‐auto Computer Microtome SF‐3368 Automatic Computer Microtome SF‐3368AM Semi‐auto Computer Microtome SF‐3358 Rotary microtome SF‐2258 Rotary microtome SF‐2508 Rotary microtome SF‐1508R Rotary microtome SF‐1508A Rotary microtome SF‐202A Rotary microtome SF‐202 Item 3 ~ Item 10 Freezing Part (SF‐VI) is optional, the price of SF‐VI is $1,027.00 Cryostat Microtome SF‐2850 Cryostat Microtome SF‐2950 Push‐pull three‐with a slicing machine SF‐500 Push and Pull Microtome, Vibrating Microtome SF‐400 Automatic Tissue Processor (Environment‐friendly) SF‐TS3A ...

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Product Name Microtome Knife Toolholder and Back for Manual Grinding Oilstone for Grinding Sampling Toolholder Sampling Knife (3 pieces/set) Plastic Embedding Box Plastic Embedding Box with Lid Stainless Steel Embedding Module Stainless Steel Dehydration Box Lid General Collet for Embedding Box Paraffin Moulding Frame Archiving Cabinet for Paraffin and Embedding Box Archiving Cabinet for Glass Slide Drying Cabinet Specimen Cabinet Embedding Medium for Freezing Microtomes Plastic Drying Plate Plastic Consultation Box Wooden Container piece ...

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Paste for Grinder Grinding Table for Grinder piece suitable for rotary grinder of all models 500g/box, 20box/bag 50piece/box, 50box/bag 50piece/box, 50box/bag Paraffin for Microtome (56‐58 58‐60 60‐62) Slide Glass (general slide) Slide Glass (1/3 deckle edge, can be marked with pencil) Cover Glass (100 slices/box) 22×22, 24×24, 24×32 Pincers piece Dyeing Jar piece Sampling Plate (hard plastic) piece Electronic Timing Clock (used in dehydration alarm at any setting time and dyeing) Hematoxylin Solution 500ml for each bott

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