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Chromatography - 2

Gas Chromatography (FID or TCD) Gas Chromatography(F ID+TCD) FPD Detector ECD Detector NPD Detector Gas Chromatography for power supply CH‐GC‐ 2010SD Dedicated Workstation Auto Vibration meter Hydrogen nitrogen HGT‐300E & air all‐in‐one machine Standard gas 4L Computer, inkjet printer Total Price

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Chromatography - 3

Gas Chromatography detector) 3.Packed Column Inlet 1.GC‐2010 Host Gas 2.FID(Hydrogen Chromatography flame detector) for white spirits 3.Packed Column analysis Inlet white spirits analysis special column chromatographic work station Air Generator hydrogen genera tor Nitrogen hydrogen machine 30m Capillary 3 column nonpolar/polar Heated Static JP‐6010 Headspace Special Gas Chromatography for Spirits Analysis Oil and Gas Shows Evaluation Instrument Evaluation workstation

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Chromatography - 4

Total Price CH‐GC‐ 07 CH‐GC‐ 08 CH‐GC‐ 09 CH‐GC‐ 7890 CH‐GC‐ 8890 CH‐GC‐ 2010N CH‐GC‐ 2011N processing software Pentium dual‐ core 5300 processor,2 G Computer memory,320 G hard drive, DVD recording drive, 19 LCD Printer HP laser printer Output flow: 2000ml/min; No Air generator/ oil, no noise,3 (air cylinders) level purification (40L) Output flow:300 Hydrogen ml/min; Purity: generator/(hydr ≥99.999%/ ogen cylinders) (40L) 40L ;Purity: Nitrogen cylinder ≥99.999%. Made in China, Readability:0.00 Electronic 01g Max balance Weighting range:100g ...

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Chromatography - 5

(equivalent degrees system) HPLC (gradient, binary gradient high pressure) Economic performance liquid chromatography pressure pump(seal ring made in Germany);2. 1 set of UV4000 UV‐ detector(deuterium lamp and power made in Germany) ;3. 1 set of 17 Enhanced performance liquid chromatography Rehodyne imported manual sampling valve(imported from USA);4.1 set of Liquid Chromatograph workstation software;5.1 pc of chromatographic column 250*4.6;6.1 pc of analysis start Toolkit;7.1 pc of Solvent tray DL‐01 Solvent Solvent Degassing systems

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Chromatography - 6

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

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