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Valves for Vending Applications Water Inlet Valves Applications ► ► ► ► ► ► Hot / Cold Drink Dispensers Espresso Machines Coffee + Tea Brewers Brewery Plants Beer Dispense Equipment Tank or Boiler Draining Automatic Water Level Control Freshly brewed coffee, instant coffee, espresso and other favourite hot drinks today are often provided by vending machines - quickly served and of gastronomic quality. Hot drinks to take away are becoming ever more popular. Dispensing machines which are connected to fresh water supply require a water inlet valve. Most hot drinks require heated water mixed with concentrate or powder using a suitable method to be served as a ready drink to the customer. Reliability, durability and secure function in a heated environment characterise these valves. In combination with a connected dirt strainer undesirable particles can be filtered to prevent machine failure which may be caused by these particles. Valve type 44.007.126 is a space-saving solution of a dirt strainer integrated in the valve housing. 1 © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller "Espresso" Valves Series 18.00x + Push-Fit Fitting System Series FitSys 18 These direct acting valves were specially devised for espresso machines. Using the manifold distributor components of our fitting system the valves can be grouped together into “valve banks” to fit the individual application. No tools are necessary. Valves Series18.00x Special characteristics: ► ► ► ► ► ► Suitable for hot water appliances up to 98°C Suitable for saturated steam up to 143°C Coil change without opening of medium circuit, coil can be mounted 4 x 90° Available as 2/2 or 3/2 way valves...

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A. u. K. Müller Push-Fit Fitting System Series FitSys 18 G-connector (reduced orifice optional) The FitSys 18 Push-Fit fitting system is a modular design and is used as a distribution system in vending and espresso machines, as well as to connect the 18.00x series valves. It is used additionally as a variable media management system for a variety of liquid and gaseous media in food, hot water, steam and aggressive media applications. Therefore this system is also suitable for a variety of applications in the medical and industrial sectors. Special features: ► ► L-connector (reduced orifice...

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A. u. K. Müller Push-Fit Fitting System Series FitSys 18 Possible connection types of the fitting system Type Hose stem connection ID tube Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) Push-Fit stem Ø 4 mm (0.158 inch) (Counterpart of type G) ) Push-Fit stem Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) (Counterpart of type F) ) Clamp connection Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) Push-Fit Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) (Counterpart of type C) ) Push-Fit Ø 4 mm (0.158 inch) (Counterpart of type B) ) Technical Data Type Fitting system Push-Fit without tools Neutral gases, cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media T-Medium Saturated steam...

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A. u. K. Müller Boiler Dispense Valves Water is often heated in a boiler, measured and dispensed directly into a mixing chamber with low pressure (typically < 60 mbar). Specifically for this purpose direct acting boiler dispense valves were devised. The valves feature following characteristics: ► ► ► Short opening and closing time Consistent dosing precision Reduced build up of lime scale through selection of adequate materials and design Secure function even with a high ambient temperature close to the boiler Complete and quick drainage of the valve outlet after dispense of water Valve...

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A. u. K. Müller Valves combined into a "Bank" “Bank valves” which are easily assembled with fixing clips have been designed for applications where multiple taps are to be combined with one shared inlet. The system eliminates screws to be unbolted. The fixing clips do not loose their precise grip even after several assemblies, whereas self-tapping screws tend to lose their grip in plastic material after being unscrewed several times. 1- f o l d Fixing Clip The fixing clip made from rigid polyamide is designed to increase the stability of 40.008 and 46.008 series bank valves. It prevents...

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A. u. K. Müller Combined Pump with "Bank Valves" A combination of pump 41.008.100 and valve bank is available as a pre-assembled unit (series 45.000.100). The pump may either be connected to the valve bank directly or in case of the boiler being positioned on a lower level - using a hose connection. Use of the pump allows for flexible positioning of dispense valves inside the machine, including up to 1 metre above the water level in the boiler. This is particularly useful in applications such as table top vending machines where space is limited. Pump 41.008.200 needs a hose to be connected...

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A. u. K. Müller Direct acting Solenoid Valves Series 43.00x Valves of this design are single chamber straight through valves, with nozzles or adapter connections at the outlet and inlet. Our patented connector system series 43.00x.x06 and the modular concept of the valves with a 3 dimensional mountable valve body enable space-saving installation of complex multi-valve assemblies with multiple media channels. 43.00x.x06 High performance plastic material for the valve body makes them specifically suitable for use with hot water. Various connection options Valve body made from various high...

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A. u. K. Müller Pinch Valves Pinch valves are particularly suitable for applications where high levels of hygiene are required. This design is fundamentally different to traditional valves in that a seat and membrane is not necessary. Flow is controlled by pinching the inserted tube which avoids turbulences in the fluid flow and virtually eliminates dead areas in the valve housing where medium or dirt can collect. The resistance against chemicals depends on the selected material of the tube. These valves are available in NO, NC and 3/2-way configurations. Aluminium body HART-COAT® surface...

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