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Series 50.005.100

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Product Information Bi stable cartridge valve, DN 5 A. u. K. Müller Solenoid valves Control valves Special valves and systems A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG Dresdener Str. 162 D-40595 Düsseldorf/Germany e-mail: Internet: Characteristics servo-controlled pre tested functional unit long term performance capability internal triple pollution protection compact design optimized Cv-value for DN 5 optimized water hammer characteristic by low noise emission according to EN 60730 easy to assemble and service standard connection cylindrical design low power consumption any fitting position Description 2/2-way solenoid cartridge servo controlled valve of DN 5 in bi stable version, to be used particularly in electronically controlled sanitary fittings. sanitary fittings irrigation systems industrial appliances pilot system for valves with a larger nominal diameter suitable for spray and jet water high operating safety through the use of high quality and 100% final testing of the products The power consumption is minimised by the use of impulse control (pwm) to increase long term performance, durability and battery life. The design outline had been reduced so far that integration in appropriate components, while using a minimum amount of space, is given. Positive properties are extended due to the simple “screw in” version, which supports easy assembly, service and tests by the customer. The design of a separate valve seat by the customer is not to apply, as otherwise is needed, if a pilot valve will solely be used. typical performance curve The rate of flow of the cartridge valve has been optimized in such a way, that the nominal diameter of DN 5 fulfils the standard requirements for sanitary tap ware. © copyright A.u.K. Müller, subject to changes without prior notice

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Product Information Bi stable cartridge valve, DN 5 Technical Data Type bi stable, pulse controlled Fitting position cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media pressure surge Burst pressure 2/2-way screw-in, servo controlled Before screw in o-rings are to be greased with silicone grease. cartridge valve other voltages on request Operating voltage Nominal power Inlet cross section Valve body Plunger guide stainless steel stainless steel (in inlet) Male connector Polarity of connector: strand color RED Pin 1 strand color BLACK or BLUE Options PLUS(+) pulse to...

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