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Valves and Components for the Sanitary Sector Wash basins Urinals Showers Toilets Bathtubs / Whirlpools Automatic taps are widely used in public facilities and are more and more appearing in private bathrooms and guest toilets too. As beautiful as the manually operated taps, the water flow is initiated and again stopped by contact free infra red detection. Integral flow regulators can also save water. Ideal for public and handicapped areas, electronically contact free controlled valves are indispensable for hygiene reasons. Cartridge valves, plugged or screwed into an appropriate tap, also provide energy saving control of the water flow. Latching versions will work for years before a battery needs replacing 1 © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller To automate a tap three components are needed 1. S e n s o r The basic functions for each application are already built in the contact free operating infrared sensor and can, if necessary, be adjusted using a remote control. IR-Sensor Mini 2 . C a r t r i d g e v a l ve A compact latching or mono-stable solenoid valve, which meets international standards, can be built into the tap and is controlled by a sensor preprogrammed for the application. If the valve is not located in the tap directly, a special housing is available for some variants to achieve a more traditional...

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A. u. K. Müller Size does matter The design of the valves for integration into tap ware has become more compact over time and today allows the tap ware designers far more design possibilities. Time We develop also customized designs of course. Characteristic values General Type Solenoid valve / cartridge valve Fitting position Any, preferably with coil upwardly Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media Hydraulic / Thermal Parameters T-Medium Pressure surge Coil type Nominal voltages bi-stable (latching) bi-stable (latching) monostable monostable other...

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A smart contact free infrared sensor controls the valve inside the tap. It detects the presence of the user and, depending on the application, controls the flow of water stopping it automatically in the case of a permanent detection after a preset time. The waste of water becomes enormously reduced. For some operating modes (wash basin, urinal, shower, WC) an automatic activation every 24 h or 72 h is available, to fill the drain trap regularly for hygienic reasons and to avoid stagnating water in the pipe. IR-capteur The infrared sensor also checks the battery voltage and reports by...

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A. u. K. Müller Especially designed for use in sanitary tap ware with high water flow This latching, servo-controlled 2/2-way valve of nominal orifice size 7 mm is specifically designed for use in battery-powered, electronically controlled tap ware with high water flow rate (Cv-value of 16 l / min.). Due to the horizontally located pilot valve, it can also be used where minimal space is available. Special features: ► ► ► ► ► Horizontally positioned pilot valve Dual filtering of the pilot water Internal pollution protection Pretested functional unit Low power consumption by pulse control...

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A. u. K. Müller Design of a Concealed Unit Especially for the control of the water in urinal applications the concealed unit can be configured in many ways. A concealed unit usually consists of an inlet housing with “stop cock”, a dirt strainer and a downstream cartridge valve. Characteristics ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Valve body with “stop cock” for manual shut-off Bi-stable (latching) or monostable cartridge valves DN 7, series 50.007.100 Various connections and filter inserts available Also available with integral strainer Brass connections available Assembly of the dirt strainer and cartridge valve...

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A. u. K. Müller Concealed Unit - Filtration of dirt particles For the filtering of dirt particles in the media strainers with different mesh sizes in PA66 are available. Mesh sizes Concealed Unit - Installation options This application is particularly suitable for back wall installation and may either be fixed directly against the wall by means of M4 nuts or attached by means of plug-in connection with M4 screws or by using the box wall in a concealed wall installation. Stub Wall Screws M4 x 10 7 © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller Dirt Strainers By fitting a dirt strainer series 12.01x.x00 upstream valves, other downstream equipment is reliably protected from damage caused by suspended particles. Changing the filter insert is done without removing the entire strainer from the installation and requires no tools. 12.010.300 / ~500 Replaceable filter elements, easy to clean Temperature resistance to 90°C Operating pressure up to 10 bar High flow rates from 17 up to max. 79 l/min. (at 1 bar) Various threaded connections and filter inserts available Versions with integrated shut off device available...

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Solenoid Valves Control Valves Special Valves and Systems Unit 4, Brookside Business Park Brookside Avenue F-77600 Bussy Saint Martin Possible product certifications available on request © copyright A.u.K. Muller, changes reserved

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