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Servo-controlled Solenoid Valves When the water supply for devices such as washing machines or dishwashers is automatically controlled, servo controlled solenoid valves are used. These are also suitable for the control of drinking water, as well as physically and chemically similar media. Servo controlled valves need a minimum pressure difference of approx. 0.02 MPa (~ 0.2 bar) between the inlet and outlet to function. This design uses the medium pressure to operate so the actu- ator can be relatively small, making the valves compact. To meet the different installation requirements, common threads and barbed fittings as well as coil systems for common voltage ranges and frequencies are available. Steam appliances Dental appliances Hot / cold drink dispensers Industrial appliances Air conditioning Agricultural equipment Cleaning equipment Temperature equalizers Dish washers Ice machines Washing machines Water treatment systems Medium temperature up to 90°C (hot water) Coil systems of insulation class F (155° C) Coil change without opening of medium Coils are interchangeable and different circuit, coil can mostly be mounted 4 x 90° voltages including AC and DC coils can be swapped Low pressure surge Pressure range 0.02 - 1.0 MPa (0.2 - 10 bar) High durability Optional: Integral strainers Flange fixing Approvals for Europe and USA © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller Single-Chamber Solenoid Valves Valves of this type are usually straight-through or angle valves and can also be designed as multi-chamber valves. Depending on the version it can be equipped with an upstream integrated strainer. By applying different flow regulators into the valve inlet, the flow rate can be limited, which helps to save water. With built-in dirt strainer © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller Multi-Chamber Solenoid Valves General Type Solenoid valve 2/2-way 2-4 chamber valve straight or inlet ninety degree to outlet, servo-controlled Fitting position Media Any, preferably coil pointing upward cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media Hydraulic/Thermal Parameters Pressure surge Electrical Parameter Nominal voltages other voltages on request +10% -15% Voltage tolerance Duty cycle Protection type Coil connections Flat tabs 6,3 x 0,8 mm (MS.006), Plug socket according to EN 175301-803 (IP65) cable connections (IP67, IP68) Insulation...

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A. u. K. Müller Special Multi-Chamber Valves Two valves in series in one housing. 29.010.326 One upstream valve with two separately controllable outlets. 29.007.215 Strainer located in a separate compartment Strainer in the inlet Outlet nozzle either on the left or right side of the inlet Elbow nozzle Outlet nozzle Additional compartment for strainer Features Outlet One common inlet Features 14.025.126 Flow rate limitation (Optional) Manual closing of valve Ideally suitable for irrigation systems © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller Aquastop Series 13.007.226 Connected between the water supply and a the machine to be filled, the Aquastop prevents water damage to floors and walls in both domestic and commercial property. The outer corrugated tube returns even very minor leaks in the inner flexible inlet hose back into the appliance where it is detected by a sensor. The sensor signal received by the appliance controller shuts the water supply before any major damage can occur. Specific characteristics: ► Two single servo controlled compact valves (NC) in line to increase operational reliability Connection...

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A. u. K. Müller Dirt Strainers By fitting a dirt strainer series 12.01x.x00 upstream valves, other downstream equipment is reliably protected from damage caused by suspended particles. Changing the filter insert is done without removing the entire strainer from the installation and requires no tools. Temperature resistance to 90°C Operating pressure up to 10 bar High flow rates from 17 up to max. 79 l/min. (at 1 bar) Various threaded connections and filter inserts available Versions with integrated shut off device available The double- and triple stage strainer combines two or three...

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A. u. K. Müller Accessories Flow Regulator - Components to save water Flow regulators provide a constant flow rate independent of the incoming pressure effectively reducing water consumption These are available in most common flow rate values Placed directly into the inlet of the valve housing (MR 04, 06, 19) or even in the valve seat (MR 05, 07, 12) Installation possibilities for an individual flow regulator in servo controlled valves. Flow Regulator Valve housing Ø 19,0 mm (for G 3/4 valve inlet / with receptacle contour) Ø 9,5 mm (for G 3/8 and G 1/2 valve inlet / angled housing valve...

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A. u. K. Müller Accessories Backflow Preventers Backflow preventers should effectively avoid back sucking of the medium. Also practical is the direct placement of backflow preventers (EB according to EN 1717) into the inlet of a valve. For domestic use, it can be used anywhere where it is part of a discharge fitting or a domestic appliance. Mounting Flange for Valve Fixing Retention gland For most servo valves a surrounding groove on the inlet side of the valve allows for the placement of a separate U-shaped retaining flange. It is easy to assemble and ensures a secure fit of the valve to a...

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Solenoid Valves Control Valves Special Valves and Systems Unit 4, Brookside Business Park Brookside Avenue F-77600 Bussy Saint Martin Possible product certifications available on request © copyright A.u.K. Muller, changes reserved

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