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Valves for Environmental Technology Float Valves Applications ► ► ► ► Tank filling Rain water collection & utilisation Irrigation systems Water treatment plants Float valves are used in a variety of areas in the field of environmental technology where mixing, control and regulation of water supplies is required. They are mainly used for controlling water level in tanks. The servo controlled valves are opened and closed by the buoyancy of a float so that the water level in the tank is maintained. If liquid is drained from the tank, the float valve refills it automatically. As the water level and floater rises, the flow into the tank is throttled proportionally to the lever’s position. Therefore the water level is kept constant. © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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A. u. K. Müller Float Valves Series 21.01x. Valves of this design are single chamber, with either an inlet at ninety degrees to the outlet or with the inlet and outlet in line. The valves have a glass fibre reinforced polyamide body with nominal diameters of 10, 13 or 17mm and can be manufactured with various connection types. Depending on the medium temperature, the float can be made of stainless steel (max 90°C), PE foam (max 60°C) or polystyrene (max 30°C). For use in tanks with a wider surface area Servo controlled 2/2 way valve Long term performance capability Suitable for medium...

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A. u. K. Müller Water Inlet Valves Series 14.025.126 Specially designed for use in irrigation, rain water utilisation or water treatment plants, this 2/2 way servo controlled solenoid valve has an orifice size of 25mm, is normally closed (NC) and has the inlet and outlet in line. Insulation class F ensures electrical operating safety and can also be provided with an integrated protection circuit. Opening with manual override Optional flow rate limiter Ideal for process and cooling water Connection ports with brass female threads Manual Override control lever This can be used if the...

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© copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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Solenoid Valves Control Valves Special Valves and Systems Unit 4, Brookside Business Park Brookside Avenue F-77600 Bussy Saint Martin Possible product certifications available on request © copyright A.u.K. Muller, changes reserved

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