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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 1

Play-free digital switching cam encoder with digital electromagnetic rotary encoder Model NOCE / S3 - SIL2 / SSI Interface lay-free digital version for use instead of P electromechanical switching cam encoders or use in stationary and mobile machines F and systems, especially for power plants, wind power plants, cranes, etc. p to four electronically controlled U safety SIL2 switching outputs (relays) ntegrated multiturn SIL2 rotary encoder with I witching outputs and SSI position signal S can be preset via preset inputs Position resolution: up to 15 bits igh vibration and shock resistance thanks H Robust aluminium (AlMgSi1) or stainless steel (1.4305 or 1.4404) housing in dual-chamber design. Shaft with shaft seal and ball bearing mounted in pre-chamber. Electronics housed in sealed main chamber. Ø 79 mm with short design length Shaft diameter 12 mm. Electrical connection for voltage supply, switching outputs and SSI position data via M12 connector or cable. The number of connectors or cables varies depending on design or customer specification. The 4 SIL2 safety switching contacts are each designed with 2 relays connected in series to guarantee reliable contact separation (no contact sticking). All contacts are galvanically separated and suitable for use in the safety chain. The switching contacts are closed during normal operation, and therefore establish a conductive connection - the relay coils are live. If the limit values are reached, the respective contact is opened. They are also opened when the switching cam encoder is not connected to the voltage supply or a fault is detected in the NOCE. At each point in time, the integrated relay monitoring function compares whether the specified ON/OFF switching status of each switching contact is correct (nominal/actual comparison). If a deviation is detected due to a relay fault, emergency status is assumed. TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Bismarckstraße 108 info@twk.de visit

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 2

Digital switching cam encoder - model NOCE / S3Description General functional principle This involves a play-free electronic switching cam encoder (abbreviated to: NOCE) with a maximum of four galvanically separated SIL2 switching outputs that can be set by the customer, and which are activated or deactivated depending on the respective position of the drive shaft. A parameteris-able multiturn absolute encoder with SSI interface and the switching cam encoder PCB with separate controller are integrated in the compact housing. The SS/ interface can be preset, the encoding direction is...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 3

SUPREME SENSORING Principle circuit diagram 2 contacts shown. A total of 4 available drive from drive from Controller Controller drive from drive from Controller Controller Technical data Mechanical data ■ Operating speed: ■ Angular acceleration: ■ Moment of inertia (rotor): ■ Operating torque: ■ Starting torque: ■ Perm. shaft load: ■ Bearing service life: ■ Weight: Environmental data ■ Operating temperature range: ■ Storage temperature range: ■ Resistance: □ To shock: □ To vibration: ■ Protection type: 1000 rpm max. 105 rad/s2 max. 20 gcm2 s 8 Ncm (with rotational speed 500 rpm ) < 4 Ncm...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 4

SUPREME SENSORING Technical data Electrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ Operating voltage range: ■ Power consumption: ■ Switch-on current: ■ Resolution: ■ Measuring range: ■ Output code: ■ Absolute accuracy: ■ Repeatability: ■ Code path: ■ EMC standards: Interference emission: Interference immunity: ■ Output serial SS/: ■ Clock input SS/: ■ Monoflop time: ■ Clock rate: ■ Electrical connection: GMR elements - redundant 9 ... 36 VDC < 3 W < 500 mA Up to 32,768 steps / 360° (15 bits) 4096 revolutions (optionally 256 or 16 revs.) Binary (optionally Gray) ± 0.25% / 360° (optionally ± 0.1% / 360°) ±...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 5

Digital switching cam encoder - model NOCE / S3 Order number ^ Standard version Electrical and mechanical variants1 01 Standard with cam preset version 1 12 Standard with cam preset version 2 Output: E SS/ Electrical connection: ^Combine type (S, T, K or L) and number (1, 2, 3) = 1 connection = 2 connections = 3 connections Via device connector M12, radial Via device connector M12, axial 1 Via cable 1 m2, radial "other lengths on request Profile: S3 Safety SIL2 version Measuring range: 16 Revolutions 256 '' Code: R R = binary / G = Gray Resolution: 4096 Steps / 360°. 8192, 16,384 and 32,768...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 6

Digital switching cam encoder - model NOCE / S3 SSI Interface Function To register and output the angle or position of the shaft more accurately, the contactless electromagnetic sensor system is equipped with a serial SSI interface so that the measured variable is available as digital, serial data. The absolute angle information available in the rotary encoder is transferred in serial and synchronous form during a cycle to the receiver electronics in the customer's control system. Significant advantages include the low number of data cables and very high interference immunity (an exhaustive...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 7

Digital switching cam encoder - model NOCE / S3 Switching outputs Function The function of the switching outputs is implemented using relays. Two relays are connected in series per switching output. This measure significantly increases reliable separation of the contacts, even if one relay does not separate (contact sticking). In terms of operating voltage and the SSI output signal, the contacts are galvanically separated. The relay monitoring function detects whether a relay contact is open or closed as specified by the controller - i.e. whether it has the required switching status (ACTUAL...

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Switching cam encoder NOCE79/S3 SIL2 - 8

Digital switching cam encoder - model NOCE / S3 Cam diagrams and setting - Version 1 To define the position of the switching flanks, the relative position of all cams to Cam1 must be specified for each switching flank (cam) on ordering (a, b and c → e.g. in shaft revolutions). With Cam Preset, all switching flanks are shifted en bloc without changing their position relative to one another. The desired position in the switching flank ensemble (usage of d) or the desired switching flank as specified is located at the current shaft position. Example of the specification that the descending...

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