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Rotary encoder TRT - 1

■ Singleturn and multiturn versions ■ Contactless, wear-free sensor system according to the Hall principle ■ High vibration and shock resistance thanks to the robust mechanical design ■ Position and speed signal ■ Resolution: up to 8192 steps / 360° < (13-bit) ■ Measuring range: up to 4096 revolutions ■ Protection type: up to IP69K ■ PI certified PROFINET interface ■ Option: □ Special slewing ring software for non-reversing operation □ Draw wire version with integrated encoder: TRT125-D Design and function Recording of the angular position and revolutions by means of Hall sensors - multiturn version with absolute multiturn transmission for up to 4096 revolutions - data output plus parameterisation and diagnosis via PROFINET. Robust housing manufactured from seawater-resistant aluminium or stainless steel - stainless steel shaft - ball bearing with radial shaft seal - sensor circuit consisting of ASIC with Hall elements - electrical connection via M12 connector or cable outlet. The Profinet interface according to IEC 61158 / 61784 or PNO specifications order No. 2.712 and 2.722, version 2.2, is integrated into the model series TRT absolute encoders. Real time classes 1 - 3 are supported, i.e. Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) plus the requirements of conformance class C. Setting the address, baud rate or terminating resistances is not necessary. A name, which is stored in the absolute encoder's non-volatile memory, is assigned via the PROFINET controller to address the device. The integrated 2-fold switch enables the TWK PROFINET absolute encoders to be used in star, tree and line network topologies. An exhaustive description of integration into a PROFINET network can be found in the manual TRT 12887. In the version with code type "S" the TRT offers a slew ring functionality. This converts the sensor shaft position value into the postion of a slewing ring or a rotary table. The slew ring encoder permits the adjustment of the number of teeths of the slew ring and of the encoder gear-wheel via the encoder parameters. In this way all gear ratios are possible and the encoder can be adapted to any slew ring by the user. The output values are the position of the slew ring in degrees (resolution adjustable) and his velocity in degree / time basis (time basis adjustable). The draw wire version with integrated encoder offers a very compact solution for length measurement up to 10 m. See datasheet 125-D13794 for mechnical design. PROFINET properties - Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) - Device exchange without interchangeable medium or programming device - Prioritised start-up (Fast Start Up) - Media redundancy possible - Firmware update via Profinet - Programming via Profinet TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Heinrichstrasse 85

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Rotary encoder TRT - 2

Input data 1■ 4-byte position data ■ 2-byte speed data Output data 1 ■ 4-byte reference value Electrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ Operating voltage: ■ Power consumption: ■ Resolution: ■ Measuring range: ■ Total number of steps: ■ Absolute accuracy of the position value: ■ Internal updating time of the position value: ■ Output code: ■ Code path: ■ Speed signal: ■ Internal updating time of the speed signal: PROFINET data ■ MAC address: ■ Transfer technology ■ Transfer rate ■ Line length ■ Minimum transmission cycle Mechanical data ■ Operating speed: ■ Angular acceleration: ■ Moment of inertia...

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Rotary encoder TRT - 3

Electrical connection M12 connector D-coded 4-pin for bus in / bus out, socket or cable outlet M12 connector A-coded 4-pin, pins or cable outlet Cable outlet PROFINET (optional) ■ Cable type: ■ Cable jacket: ■ Temperatur range: ■ Outer diameter: ■ Min. bend radius: PROFINET Type-C, 4 x 0.36 mm2 (AWG22) PUR, color: green - 40 °C to + 70 °C 6.5 mm ± 0.2 mm 5 x d fixed installation, 10 x d freely movable Cable outlet power supply (optional) ■ Cable type: ■ Cable jacket: ■ Temperatur range: ■ Outer diameter: ■ Min. bend radius: 2 x 0.75 mm2, shielded PUR, color: gray - 40 °C to + 80 °C fixed...

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Rotary encoder TRT - 4

Programmable parameters Standard encoder Parameter (The values in brackets apply to the TRTxx-xxx8192R4096C4MTxx) Slew ring encoder Parameter t = Gear ratio Number of teeth slewing ring to Number of teeth encoder pinion Date: 15.10.2018 Page 4 of 14 Document no. TRT 12886 LE

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Rotary encoder TRT - 5

Block diagram Magnet 1 Multitour PROFINET M12 connector connection assignment (Portland Port 2) Supply M12 connector connection assignment Connection Date: 15.10.2018 Page 5 of 14 Document no. TRT 12886 LE Industrial Ethernet cable colours according to ISO / IEC 8802-3.

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Rotary encoder TRT - 6

Date: 15.10.2018 Page 6 of 14 Document no. TRT 12886 LE

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Rotary encoder TRT - 7

Standard version Electrical and / or mechanical variants*: 01 Standard 11 Protection type IP69K Output: T 100Base-TX Electrical connection: M Standard, 3 connnectors radial Mx Connector output radial (x = number of outputs**) Tx Connector output axial (x = number of outputs**) Ky Cable output radial (y = cable length) Ly Cable output axial (y = cable length) Profile: C4 Standard, PROFINET Measuring range: Singleturn: leave blank 1 ... 4096 Revolutions 6 Length in meter for draw wire version Output code: R Binary code, position value format integer32 W Binary code, position value format 2x...

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Rotary encoder TRT - 8

Accessories (to be ordered separately) ■ Straight mating connector for PROFINET in/out (Zinc die-cast nickel-plated), see data sheet STK14570 for PROFINET in/out (stainless steel 1.4404), see data sheet STK14569 for the supply voltage (Zinc die-cast nickel-plated), see data sheet STK14572 for the supply voltage (stainless steel 1.4404), see data sheet STK14571 ■ Angled mating connector STK4WP82 for PROFINET in/out, see data sheet STK14676 STK4WS61 for the supply voltage, see data sheet STK14675 ■ Connecting cable KABEL-xxx-114 Industrial Ethernet data cable with M12 connectors, D-coded,...

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Rotary encoder TRT - 9

Absolute encoder model TRT Installation drawings Standard design Design form 58 with clamped flange, order number: TRT58-KA8192R4096C4MT01 Shaft ø 10 mm Radial shaft seal * Singleturn version 14 mm shorter n Optional: Shaft "P" with groove and parallel key 3 Connector view with M12-connector Sensor connector M12 4-pole, pins, A-coded aligned Sensor connector M12 4-pole, socket, D-coded aligned Position coding pin and coding groove Rear view with cable output Rear view with connector M12 diagnostic LED LED-Statusanzeigen (See table on Page 5)

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