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Electro-magnetic Encoders TMX 42 series  Multiturn  Contactless rotary sensor system, free of wear, with Hall technology  Compact, robust design for mechanical engineering especially for building machinery, underwater devices and food conditioning equipment  Resolution: 4096 positions / 360° (12 Bits)  Measuring ranges up to 32,768 revolutions  With digital or analogue interfaces  Case in aluminium or stainless steel  Optional potting for positive shock and vibration protection  Two - chamber construction to separate rotating components from electronic circuit  Protection grades: IP 66 or IP 69K (option)  Working temperature range: - 40 °C to + 85 °C Construction Robust case either in seawater resistant aluminum or in stainless steel - shaft in stainless steel - rotating components with permanent magnet in front chamber - electronic circuit with ASiC and Hall elements and interface components fitted within main chamber, separated from rotating components by a metallic wall - integral counter for the acquisition of revolutions, with non - volatile storage - optional potting against water jets (IP 69K) - electrical connections via lead exit (with connector for testing). Note: The device restores the position value in case the supply voltage is cut off, provided that the shaft is not deflected by more than ± 90° during the interruption of the supply voltage. Electronic interfaces Electrical data of all models  T ME 42: Synchronous serial interface-SSI (page 2)  Sensor system:  Measuring position deviation:  EMC-standards:  TMN 42: CANopen (page 3)  TMA 42: Analogue (page 4) Emission: Immuntiy: ASIC with Hall elements ± 0.5 LSB EN 61000-6-4 EN 61000-6-2 Mechanical data of all models Environmental data of all models  Operating temperature:  Storage temperature:  Angular acceleration:  Inertial mass (rotor):  Operating torque:  Wind-up torque:  Permissible shaft loads:  Bearing life expectancy:  Mass: 1.000 rpm max. (10.000 rpm / optional) 105 rad/s² max. 20 gcm² ≤ 8 Ncm at 500 rpm ≤ 4 Ncm 50 N (axial and radial) 109 revolutions 0.2 kg approx. (aluminium) 0.3 kg approx. (stainless steel) Dimensions, materials and accessories: Page 6 TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH · PB. 10 50 63 · D-40041 Düsseldorf  Resistance to shock: (DIN EN 60068-2-27)  Resistance to vibration: (DIN EN 60068-2-6)  Protection grades: (DIN EN 60529) - 40 °C to + 85 °C - 20 °C to + 60 °C (dependant on packing materials) 500 m/s² ; 11 ms 10 Hz ... 2000 Hz ; 500 m/s² IP 66 IP 69K (with optional potting of main chamber) The connection data are supplied with each ite

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Function The absolute angle information derived by the encoder is converted into serial information by an internal parallel-serial converter and then transmitted to a receiving electronic circuit in synchronism with a clock. Important advantages are : Low number of data lines and high reliability. Maximum data transmission rate The date rate ist defined by the following factors: □ Clock frequency 1 MHz max up to 40 meters connection line □ Delay time of the overall electronics (between 40 and 150 meters) t = t + 2t + t GV C K E t : Total delay time tC: Delay time of the encoder electronics,...

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Electrical data CANopen features ■ Supply voltage range: ■ Starting current: ■ Resolution: ■ Measuring range: ■ Output code: ■ Code sense: ■ Reference value: ■ CAN-interface: ■ Addressing: ■ Termination resistance: To CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile, CiA Draft Standard 301, Version 4.1 and to "Device Profile for Encoders CiA Draft Standard Proposal 406 Version 3.0" and CANopen Layer setting Services and Protocol (LSS), CiA DSP 305. + 11 VDC to + 26 VDC < 200 mA 4096 positions / 360°< (12Bits) (13 Bits optional) 32768 revolutions max. (15 Bit) Nat. binary CW / CCW 0 -...

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Model TMA 42: Analogue outputs 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC or ±10 VDC Function The contactless electromagnetic sensor system is extended with a 12-bit D/A converter so that the measured variable is available as an analogue signal from 0 (4) to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V or ± 10 VDC. Measuring range setting The rotary encoder is equipped with a maximum measuring range of 15 bits, i.e. 32,768 revolutions. As standard, the measuring range is therefore set to 3600°, i.e. 10 revolutions and CW (increasing values clockwise viewed looking towards the sensor shaft) as the code direction. Pre-set measuring...

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Functional description and adjustement modes The following parameters can be adjusted by the user in situ: Code sense, zero point, end point and default values, via the multifunctional entries MFP 0 and 1 (entry circuit E8 respectively E9). Before delivery the measuring range will be set at 0 to 3600 degree and the code sense increasing CW with view to the shaft end. If the user chooses a smaller measuring range, e.g. 2700°< there will be an overflow when leaving the specified range. In this event the output signal keeps its maximum level, i.e. 20 mA up to 3600°<. The Analogue Hand...

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Shaft sealing ring Cable length nominal Bared wire Screened cable LIYCY-4x2x0.14 mm² Cable length nominal: 1 m Bared wire: 75 mm Materials used Case in stainless steel: Rear cover in stainless steel: Case in aluminium: Rear cover in aluminium: Shaft in stainless steel: Lead gland: Toroidal sealing rings: Reference circle: 57 + 0.5 mm  Material: brass, nickel plated  Screws to be used: M 4 to DIN 7991  (aluminium / plastic) (stainless steel) Coupling no. 416 is also available with different bores for driving shafts with diameters other than 6 mm.

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