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Single and multiturn rotary encoder construction set TKN with CANopen interface Contactless, wear-free sensor system according to the Hall principle CANopen interface according to CiA, Device Profile for Encoders DS 406 Model TKN: construction set consisting of printed circuit board and magnet Single or multiturn versions (up to 4096 revolutions) Optionally with speed signal Other PCB types are possible on request CANopen features Recording of the angular position by means of a Hall sensor and signal processing including generation of the output signal - in addition to the angular position, a speed signal can also be output in digits / time unit - electrical connection via screw clamp (5-pin, conductor cross-section max. 0.5 mm²) or PTFE pigtail connector, 300 mm long - a CAN controller at the output enables connection to the CANopen network. According to CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile, CiA Draft Standard 301, Version 4.1 and according to Device Profile for Encoders CiA Draft Standard Proposal 406, Version 3.0 and CANopen Layer setting Services and Protocol (LSS), CiA DSP 305.  NMT master: No  NMT slave: Yes  Maximum boot-up: No  Minimum boot-up: Yes  COB ID distribution: Default, SDO  Node ID distribution: Via Index 2000 or LSS  No. of PDOs: 2 Tx  PDO modes: Sync, async, cyclic, acyclic  Variable PDO mapping: No  Emergency message: Yes  Heartbeat: Yes  Node guarding: No  No. of SDOs: 1 Rx / 1 Tx  Device profile: CiA DSP 406 version 3.0 In the multiturn version, the number of revolutions is recorded in a counter. The position value is saved on shutting off the supply voltage. In voltage-free condition, the position value is recorded on movement of the shaft in a range of ≤ ± 90°. Optionally, node guarding may also be implemented instead of the heartbeat. The details of the profile are exhaustively described in the TXN 11551 user manual. TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Heinrichstrasse 85

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 2

Output data ■ Position: ■ Speed (option): Programmable parameters ■ Code direction: ■ Resolution: ■ Total number of steps: ■ Reference value: ■ Gate time: Electrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ EMC standards: ■ Operating voltage range: ■ Operating current: ■ Resolution: ■ Max. measuring range: ■ Linearity: ■ Reproducibility: ■ Temperature drift: ■ Maximum radial / axial offset of the position magnet: ■ Output code: ■ Code path: ■ Reference value: ■ Speed signal: ■ CAN interface: ■ Address setting: ■ Terminating resistor: ■ Max. transmission length: Mechanical data ■ Rotation speed max.: 2 bytes...

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 3

Single and multiturn rotary encoder construction set TKN Technical data Linearity with position magnet RM12-4 Use of the position magnet RM12-4 enables greater axial and radial magnet offset. However, an additional linearity deviation occurs depending on offset. The deviation is shown in the following diagram for the four radial offset values of 0 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm. Additional linearity depending on the axial and radial offset Additional linearity depending on the axial and radial offset 1 No radial offse Radial offset 1 mm Radial offset 3 mm Axial distance from thethe recommended...

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 4

Single and multiturn rotary encoder construction set TKN Electrical connection Principle circuit diagram PCA 82C250 SINE - COSINE - Signal CAN + Hall - Sensor Magnet CANopen subscriber CAN-Bus CAN_L * Terminating resistor CANopen data profiles (single-turn version) PDO 1/ PDO 2 LSB MSB 12 significant data bits CANopen data profiles (multiturn version with speed signal) PDO 1/ PDO 2 data positions velocity value

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 5

TKN 46 - 4096 R 1024 C2 C N 01 Electrical and / or mechanical variants1 01 Standard Interface: N CANopen Electrical connection: C Screw clamps K Cable outlet Profile: C2 CANopen according to CiA, DS 406 Revision 3.0 1 ... Measuring range with multiturn version only 4096 Revolutions Output code: R Binary Resolution: 4096 Steps / revolution Design form: 46 Others on request TKN TKN model with CANopen interface Scope of delivery ■ Rotary encoder printed circuit board ■ RM44 Position magnet, diameter 4 mm, height 4 mm Accessories ■ Further position magnets RM12-4 Position magnet, diameter 12...

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 6

Single and multiturn rotary encoder construction set TKN Dimensions in mm Single-turn version, design form 46 Version 'C' with screw clamp Screw clamp X1 for wire connection 1.2 Layout distance from PCB edge Multiturn version, design form 46 Version 'C' with screw clamp Screw clamp for wire connection Component height L side < 1.8 mm D1 = sensor-IC

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Rotary encoder TKN46 - 7

Single and multiturn rotary encoder construction set TKN Dimensions in mm Single or multiturn version with position magnet RM12-4 7 Recommended installation position of the magnet (1) = max. radial offset (2) = min. magnet distance (3) = max. magnet distance Accessories Magnetic hub RMN12-N12 Dimensions in mm Magnet mounting

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